Bros 'n' Besties

Emma is just an ordinary teenager in Australia, she moves to a new town and changes schools. But she meets someone different, somehow he's keeping a secret from her........


3. Hey.... (continued)

We arrive at Bentley High and people race off the bus. I pop my phone and headphones into my duffle bag and scoot off the bus. The school is amazing, modern glass rooms show outside the school. I look at my map of the school and walk around the parkland and try to work out the proper entrance to my locker. "You look lost." A sweet voice came from behind me. I turn around quickly and smile. "Yes. Very lost." I laugh. "I'm Callum." He says and puts his hand out for a handshake. "Nah, bro fists are better." I say and put up my knuckles for a bro fist. He smiles. "Oh, I'm Emma." I say nervously. I never really introduce myself to boys. "Nice to meet you Emma!" He says gladly. We start walking, I don't know where I'm are going, I'm just following Callum.

"So, are you new around here?" He asks. "Yes. I have moved schools about 5 times." I say. "Whoa, 5 times!" He says loudly. "Yep." I add. Callum goes silent and shows me the lockers that I was looking for. "Well, I will see you around?" He asks. "Yeah, thanks!" I say, he smiles and walks away. The end of my mouth twitches, I've got a friend. And it's a boy.

"Oh and, at break, meet me at the parkland oak tree, you can meet my mates." Callum turns around in the middle of the hallway.

I nod and look through my bag for my locker keys.

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