Bros 'n' Besties

Emma is just an ordinary teenager in Australia, she moves to a new town and changes schools. But she meets someone different, somehow he's keeping a secret from her........


1. First Day At School


"Em! It's your first day of school! Come down and have your breaky!"

Ugh. A new school again, how many times do we have to move? This is about my 6th school I've been to in the past three years.

I hop up from my desk which I have been sitting at for the past one hour listening to 5SOS music. God, they are my life. I love them so much.

"Emma?" My mother calls again from the kitchen. "YES MUM IM COMING!" I yell back. I pop on my favourite small surfing shorts, I'm not that stylish girl that loves every boy in the world. And my rubix cube t'shirt. I tie my brown hair with blonde tips in a messy bun and scoot down to the kitchen with my blue healer dog, Chip at my heels.

I know this is a short chapter, it's my first chapter! YAY!!!!!!! Anyways, if you see this book, please follow me!!!!!! Thanks awesome 5SOS fans!

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