What Makes You Beautiful

I'm not going to tell you what this story is about, you need to find out yourself.


2. 2

cheyenne's POV


My parents brought me and chelsea to the airport. The ride there was silence, nobody talked. 

at the airport

"I'm going to miss you" my mother said. "I'm going to miss you to mom" I said. "good bye mr. and mrs. Brouwer" chelsea said. I hugged my parents for the last time, before we went on the plane to london, england. On the airplane we went to our seats and we were ready to go to london. Me and chelsea both felt asleep and when we woke up we saw all the peaple leaving the airplane. We must of have landed, I woke up chelsea and we were ready to go. When we got off the plane and took our luggage, we walked to the exit off the airport. Once we were outside Isaw a familliar car, then I regonised it. It was my uncle's car. Chelsea and I walked towards my uncle's car. My uncle saw us, stepped out of the car and walked to us. Chelsea was completely shocked when she saw my uncle. You see my uncle is simon cowell. "Hey cheyenne, how was your flight and who's your friend" uncle si asked. "it was okay I guess and this is my friend chelsea. How did you even know I was coming to london" I asked. "Your parents called me, to ask if I could wait for you here and if you two could stay with me. So what do you say, do you wanna stay at my house" uncle si asked. while we were talking chelsea was still in shock so i waved my hand in front off her eyes. She snaps out of it and said "why didn't you tell me he was your uncle" "because you would freak like what you're doing now" "so lady's would you like to go or stay here all day" uncle si said. "lets go" me and chelsea said.

car ride to uncle si's house

"just so you know, my clients are coming around today so don't do any stupid things alright?" uncle si asked. "yes sir" me and chelsea said. when we arrived at uncle si's house chelsea gasped, I just laughed at her expression because it was funny to watch that she was sooo shocked. we went inside with all our bags ofcourse with uncle si's help. we were showed to our rooms and they were super big with a kingsize bed, a walk in closet, a own bathroom. I started unpacking just so i don't have to do tonight. 

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