It's a poem about love, and how it can feel when you are madly in love. Sometimes it will hurt you endlessly but you can't stop lovin'


1. Intoxicated


It was the ocean I saw in your eyes.
You're endlessly deep eyes.
They're so blue and enchanting, like the ocean itself.

You're touch stings like lightning.
Every place our skin meets, it hurts so wonderful.
I can feel the lightning under my skin, flowing into my veins.

Your soft voice is like a Deep blues.
It can be so cruel, but filled with pure love.
You can sing about hate and agony, but make it sound like heaven.

When you hold me tight, my head is killing me.
The pain and the pleasure.
The love and the shame.
It all drives me to madness.

It makes me intoxicated, so I can hardly stand on my feet.
You make me drunk.
You're sweet and beautiful voice, and the soft hands you yield.
Your godlike lips, make me fall into the drunken sleep.

You are my nightmare...
My dearest dream...
You are the only thing I never will slip away...


The end :)

I hope you like guys liked it, it was translated from Danish to English. I really ope it makes as much sense to you as it do to me :) And thank you for reading it.

With <3 and joy :3

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