One Direction adopted me!!!

Amber is just an orphan at the local orphanage, but what happens when One Direction decides to adopt her!?!? None of this is true, and no hate please! Rated Yellow because of swear words


5. The Plan


"That's..." Nina trailed off, looking at Amber. "My dad." Amber whispered.


Their eyes widened. I took a deep breath, then said "Well, if it's me he wants..." I glanced at Nina and Mariel, who got the silent message. "...then it's me he gets." I finished. Everyone gasped and Louis yelped. "What!?!?" Louis practically shouted. "Relax, you don't know what she's talking about." Nina said, smiling. She liked the plan. "We do." Mariel said, also smiling. I guess we all like the plan. "Well, come on!" I said. We ran to the window and jumped out onto the ground. The room was on the 2nd floor, so the boys were a little hesitant to jump. Once everyone was safely on the ground, we told the boys to hide behind some trash cans.They still didn't know the plan, but did what they were told. We explained to the police officers what our plan was and directed them to where to hide. Mariel got into position on the roof and Nina got into position behind a bush. I ran out into the middle of the road and shouted "DAD, I'M OVER HERE!" I immediately saw him jump up from a curb and run over. I jogged over to in between the orphanage and the building next to it. I didn't run because I am faster that a cheetah, no joke. It was because I am 1/4 werewolf, and the only white wolf alive. Anyway, I stopped at the fence, and I was 'trapped'. Nina signaled 1... 2... 3! Mariel jumped off the roof and landed on him, knocking him to the ground and Nina ran over and helped hold him there while the police sprang up and pulled out the handcuffs. I groaned as I thought of something. We had worked very hard to create and practice that plan, and now we had to make a new one! Nina and Mariel both groaned, too, but Mariel's groan could have been from when she jumped off of a three-story roof and onto a man. As soon as he was in handcuffs, Nina and Mariel scrambled off and ran over and hugged me. By then, Ms. Linda had noticed the commotion and had come out to investigate. "Amber! You're safe!" She exclaimed when she saw me. "Yep! I only have a couple bruises, but other than that I'm fine!" I said back. My dad groaned. "I'm not!" He said. "Good! You hurt Amber for 4 years! You deserve to feel only a fraction of the pain that she felt when she was 5!" Nina burst out. I was suprised. Usually Nina was the quiet(er) one. The police took my dad off to jail. "Is that all of the crazy people you know who want to kill you?" Louis asked. Mariel, Nina and I started to giggle. "You don't know what Amber does in her free time." Mariel told him. They looked shocked and worried. "She's kidding!" I told them. I acctualy DID have several people trying to kill me at the momment, but they didn't need to know that. They looked relieved, though. I yawned. Liam gasped. "You have to go to bed! It's WAY to late for you to be up!" I glanced at my watch. It read 10:11. "Classic Daddy Direction. Making us go to bed before 10:30 on a weekend." Mariel said, shaking her head. Liam blushed. "Relax, I'll go to bed now!" I said. I hugged Nina and Mariel and then ran inside and up the steps into my room. I got into bed and soon fell nto a dreamless sleep.

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