One Direction adopted me!!!

Amber is just an orphan at the local orphanage, but what happens when One Direction decides to adopt her!?!? None of this is true, and no hate please! Rated Yellow because of swear words


1. Profiles


Looks- Wavy uneven long blonde hair, blue eyes, brown and green glasses, tall

Personality- Tomboy, happy all the time, nice, crazy, weird

Likes- Music, sports, playing violin, writing, drawing, sketching, writing songs, painting

Dislikes- Make-Up, shopping

Secret Talents- Singing(but she doesn't think she is that good), drawing, painting

*1/4 Witch, 1/4 Gypsy Healer, 1/4 Werewolf, 1/4 Human*




Looks- Short straight black hair, brown eyes, short

Personality- Tomboy and girly-girl, nice, shy, crazy, weird

Likes- Music, sports, boy-bands, shopping, make-up, fashion, unicorns, mustaches

Dislikes- The girls in the back of the bus that make fun of her

Secret Talents- writing stories and poems

*100% Human*



Looks- Long wavy chestnut hair, hazel eyes, tall

Personality- Girly-girl, nice, bright, outgoing, loud, crazy, weird

Likes- Music,singing, One Direction, shopping, make-up, fashion

Dislikes- The Wanted, Justin Bieber

Secret Talents- Speed-Texting, writing stories

*100% Human*


Niall: 100% Werewolf

Louis: 100% Werewolf

Liam: 100% Werewolf

Zayn: 100% Werewolf

Harry: 100% Werewolf

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