My Only Hope

Germany was suffering in the worldwide depression. Economy collapsed people lost jobs but a man came and gave it it back. Hitler he was a hero from the beginning he told us what we wanted to hear. But what now he has power but why are we still weak.


1. This is only the Beginning

Heil Hitler, It rang through the streets Hitler but all-powerful.


“Adele, Adele” my brother pulled down on my shirt Adele he cried I looked down

“Yes Arend”

“There doing it again”

“Doing what Arend”

“There praising Hitler like his God, who’s Hitler” 

“Hitler is a kind and generous man who helped us We were in a Depression and he saved us.”


 I felt horrible lying to my brother but he couldn’t know Hitler was a bad, bad man and I knew it mom and dad looked pained when I lied to Arend but what could I do.


“I want to meet Hitler”

My little brother snapped me out of thoughts “oh no you cant do that”.

“Oh why not” he asked

“Because Hitler wouldn’t like that he is a proud man and he doesn’t talk to kids like us”.


My brother looked hurt but there was no way I would allow him to meet the man that would slowly ruin our lives. We may be in a depression but there is still hope for a better future but this is not the way to freedom Hitler is a dictator and he would like nothing more then to see us the proletariat suffer. Hitler likes the rich and the industry people not us we are just the fools that trust him. Only because if we don’t the Gestapo will kill us with no mercy you don’t fight back against a dictator you will always lose.


“Arend” the familiar voice cried out


He cried and ran to her

“Mommy we saw Hitler he was waving a flag with a weird sign and he waved at the people and the people cried back and raised their hand like this”

He tried to reach his small hand up to the Hitler salute but my mom grabbed it and stared at his palms

“Baby she said don’t praise Hitler okay”

I saw sadness in her eyes

“Yes mommy” he said he was quiet for a moment then he said

“Daddy your home” he ran and gave him a hug dad picked him up and spun him “how’s my little 4 year old today huh” he said

“I’m good Adele didn’t take me to the park today she said the streets were to loud we were in the back yard and I saw, I saw………. Never mind

“How was your day”?

“Absolutely delightful”

“ The best part is when I got to see you and Adele” he said and tickled Arend

“Come here baby girl” I walked over to my father he looked tired he owned the industry mill 2 miles away. We were well cared for because of my daddy’s position

“Hi daddy I said I gave him a hug and he set Arend down and hugged me back” No one hugged like my father here is where I felt save.

“Heil Hitler!!” it echoed through the streets then the sound of the newspaper boys.

“Get your information on what Hitler will do for you here, here for 50 cents” Mariam can you close the window I heard that all day its getting loud.

“Yes daddy” Mariam is my older sister she going to get married in January 14, 1932.

She still lived here with us until her wedding day in one moth and ahalf days away.

I know ill miss her don’t think she should go because I heard my mom talking to my dad and she said Hitler is planning something big and its going to be bad.



I ran outside

“Melissa guess what”

I ran across the street to her house and said

“I’m going to get a puppy”

“You are”

She said that is so unfair she pushing back her nice curly/straight hair she’s Jewish,  

And her hair goes into a nice bob I always wanted to get one but my mother said no




We talked for sometime but then I had to go inside because my mom called me I wondered what Hitler is planning while I was climbing in my bed to go to sleep.

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