My Only Hope

Germany was suffering in the worldwide depression. Economy collapsed people lost jobs but a man came and gave it it back. Hitler he was a hero from the beginning he told us what we wanted to hear. But what now he has power but why are we still weak.


3. Really? Why Didn't You Tell me?



I roll over and face the wall I seem to be doing this a lot lately “Melissa” I whisper my voice is becoming chocked up.


“Why didn’t you tell me”? I ask


“Adele I didn’t want you to worry I knew you would want to fix this but you can’t no one can”.


“Still I wish you would have told me at least then you wouldn’t have to suffer alone I would be with you I would share the pain why didn’t you tell me did your father mother say not to was this your choice you know I wanted to know what was happing in the world around me I’ve been sitting here for three weeks now trying to figure this out and you knew this whole time”.


I was crying now


“I’m sorry Melissa I really am I’m not mad at you I’m just sort of shocked this is happing this is really happing again”.


I hit the pillow and I feel a soft hand touch my shoulder.


“Adele” I turn over wet tear stained cheeks


“I didn’t want to upset you”


“I understand Melissa”


“Your father lost his job because your Jewish he has had no work for three weeks you knew this the whole time from your parents discussions and the told you yesterday.”


“I wasn’t suppose to tell you my dad cannot get another job not here he has to go some place else and I cannot go with him because he doesn’t have any money he is going to stowaway on a train to France in the morning.”


“Your mom won’t be joining him” I ask hesitantly




“Oh why not” I ask suspiciously


Her eyes cast down to the floor “Were moving all of us your families and mine”.


“Where” I ask



“WHAT” I shout


“Shhhh…” Melissa tries to calm me


“Its for our own good Adele” she lowers her voice to a tinier whisper “We will die here Hitler will kill me because I’m Jewish.”


“When do we go” I look down


“Next week” “I’m dying my hair Yellow and getting contacts painted blue so it looks like I’m Aryan German.


She shudders at the thought “I’m going to be Hitler’s Nazi’s prized race”.


“In your heart you will always be Jewish Don’t ever forget that you are above them you will never be so hateful so cruel and pure evil as those hateful excuse of humans”.


“Does it bother you any that they would have your head for that” she asks


“No not really because at least while I die they would know just how I feel about them” I mutter “Hateful just hateful barbaric people are they even people, or just Hitler’s robots.”


Melissa is biting her lower lip her voice shakes “what if they get me" "what if they get me and take me away”. “I have no rights according to the Nuremberg laws I’m not even a citizen”.


“That’s bad but its good your not a citizen of this barbaric country”.


“You always look at the bright side Adele she smiles”.


“I didn’t think there was a good side in all the drama”.


“Well you know me" I smile "I’m not going to give up no matter what happens to me”.


“They can tear me down but if they try to tear you down we have problems”.


Yes I know I’m very protective of Melissa I’m seventeen she is sixteen and in no way does she deserve this she lost her childhood as I lost mine in World War 1— the war to end all wars this war. But it hasn’t ended in fact its gotten worse.


Melissa has been here her whole life I moved her at the end of World War 1 during The Great Depression in the U.S. I’m a U.S citizen not German when I moved here there was no Depression no more”.


Then it was all like U.S coughed and now everyone has it.


“Adele, Hey Adele”


“Did I slip away in a daydream”.


Melissa nods “you looked deep in thought I didn’t want to mess it up then you looked like you were going to sleep”.

"Melissa so what do we do now".

"First we...........................Take revenge".

"But how"

"Oh thats already been done just wait".

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