My Only Hope

Germany was suffering in the worldwide depression. Economy collapsed people lost jobs but a man came and gave it it back. Hitler he was a hero from the beginning he told us what we wanted to hear. But what now he has power but why are we still weak.


2. Problems



I roll over on my bed, and stare at the wall. “Adele” I hear a small voice say.


“Yes Arend”.


“Mommy wants you to come down stairs we have guest“.


I look at my clock, which is up against my bedside table “but it is 4:30”.


“It is I cannot tell time”.


“Oh yah sorry, who’s here”?


“Melissa’s daddy”


“Oh” I roll out of bed and putt of my bunny slippers and pull my hair into a bun grabbing my pink robe and run down the stairs.


“Melissa” I said, “What’s going on” I say to my mother.


“Um” my mom said she looked at my dad hopefully


My dad cleared his throat “Adele Melissa is going to stay with us for a few days”


“I’m not complaining I’m happy really” I look up at my father “But why”


“He avoids my eyes “Her parents are going to Purée for a little while”


I know he is lying but it is for a really good reason because he never has lied to me in the past, and it looked like it pained him to do so.


“Ok” I sighed,  “Melissa come upstairs I have to talk to you”.


Her face lit up and she ran towards me giving me a hug which she never does its just not her love language.


We arrive in my room and I sit on the bed and pat the seat next to me


“Have a seat,” I say with a smile, “Ok what’s wrong”


Her eyes downcast “Um” she sputters out “Uh um o ah um”.


“Spill” I say as calmly as I can she cannot lie to me she is a real bad liar I’m becoming angry and mad because I know something is major ally wrong and I’m being kept out of it even if its for my own good I still deserve to know.

“Oh Adele” she says “fine I’ll tell you don’t tell anyone”.


I laugh I know wrong time but I say, “who would I tell you’re my best and almost only friend”


“Oh yah” she smiles


Making her happy makes me happy “Anyway go on what wrong”.


“I’m here because……………………….”




Note To Readers—

I know no one reads these things but I'm sorry its a short chapter the 3rd is coming very fast i promise.

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