2. hurt

He came to me and hugged me and Anna he said you won't ever go backtrack here again I said wait what about our phones he can track them ask said Luke get the phone all me and Anna had was flip phones Luke came back with 2 iPhones he handed them to us I said we can't take these they are way to much for us ash took them and handed them to us and said take them we did it had the boys numbers in it the boys asked us if we were hungry I said I'm not ash said you hav to eat something I said fine just something small he handed me toast I ate it the boys said we can go change if we wanted to I took Anna hand we went to the bathroom and changed our clothes into pjs we went to the boys they said they didn't have any extra bunks they said you can sleep in on of our bunks we said its fine Anna was sleeping with cal and I was with ash cause they had the bottom bunks i got in to Ash bunk with him he kissed my foreheads I felt safe with him he pulled me close to him I woke up in the morning ash was up and playing with my hair I sai morning he said morning little sis I said yeah I guessing I said where is Anna her and cal are gone he said they went to get some new clothes I said oh okay ash asked if I was okay I said yeah I just don't want anything to happen Gianna he said they won't she is with cal

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