1. loved

Hi my name is Hannah Littleton I have one sister and that's it her name is Anna she is 8 I am 14 me and her live with our dad cause he killed our mom a few years ago and he beats me and Anna Anna's birthday was coming up I decided 5 SOS tickets for her they were coming to New York on her birthday I got the tickets and backstage tickets I told my dad and he hit me and called me names I got up and went to Anna's room she was ready for the concert we walked outside she wore a skater skirt and a 5 SOS tank and her leather jacket and converse I wore ripped skinny jeans and a nirvana tshirt and leather boots we stood in line for about an hour before we got in we were last in line we got up to the boys Anna hugged them Luke looked at me I smiled back at him the boys talked with us for a few Luke asked if he could use my phone to call somebody I sai sure I handed him my phone my dad texted me and said get home and when you do you and Anna will be getting a beating Luke asked me if we were ever hurt I said yes he said your dad texted you I took my phone Anna was with cal ash and Mikey I grabbed her hand and said we have to go she said why I said dad wants us home ash saw the bruises on Anna he asked if our dad hits is I said yes he said we'll you girls could come with us on your if you wanted I said we can't interrupt your guys your ash said you won't please come with us me and Luke can pick you up at your house okay I said fine we will come I gave them our address and me and ann a left and I gave Luke my number before we left we walked in our house our dad hit me and kicked me I told Anna to go pack and pack mine if she could she came backdown. With bags she came over to me an asked I I was okay I sai I'm fine let's go before he gets back we ran out side we saw the boys down the street it was all four of them we ran to them Mikey and ash hugged Anna and cal and Luke hugged me Luke touched my cheek we went with them to the bus they have ash said when we get back he wants to see our bodies so he am see how bad it is we got back me and Anna took ash to the back room he said lift your shirt we did he started crying at the bruises and the fact we had no weight on us

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