Thou shall read how they saved your life They saved mine


6. safe

harry said. “im sorry i did not wwrite” “i don't need your stupid comments to niall” “just drive”. Louis started driving a little faster. “louis theres a black car behined us with the same person that was in the closet” “what” “he following us” shouted the rest of the boys. “  liam said “its ok we will be ok” “ you don't know that liam” “yes i do darcy we will keep you safe” “thank you”. Georgia rose was talking to niall as you started to cry. “ darcy whats wrong don't say its that guy” “its not my knee never stoped bleeding and it really hurts” “darcy do you want to go to the er” “yes please” “ok” “thank you louis” you said as he made the turn into the er. You all walked in and were taken to the back for iemediate care. “what is the problem” said the tall chuby docter. “my knee i fliped and fell on somthing 8 hours ago and it never stoped bleeding” “have you injured your knee before” Yes i broke it in soccor and twisted it while hikeing but that happend 6 or 7 years ago” “ I see come with me I will take X rays” “ She can’t walk” Harry said. “ you can help her”. Harry nodded ok and went to the table you were on, and picked you up bridel style. Harry was very carefull with you as he set you down on the chair. He helped the doctor put your leg up on the x ray board. The doctor took x rays and harry picked you up. “We are going to put you in a room” said the doctor. You and Harry were following the doctor towards your room on the 8th floor. As Harry was carrying her he said “Darcy so you um are you ok” “ yeah but i'm really dizzy” “ I am really sorry its all my fault I shouldn't half chased you” “ its not your fault styles but that man in the closet is back there” you said and he started running towards you. “ Darcy hold on” Harry ran past the doctor and the man started to speed up. “Darcy I won't let anything happen to you” he said he was getting out of breath. The man held out a taser he was cornering you. All the doctors and nurses were standing at the opposite side of the room. “ You can taze me but don't taze my girl” “harry said. Harry shoved you behind him you were standing one leg.  The man tased Harry. Just then the cops came and arrested him. You watched Harry as he fell to the ground in pain he said “ take good care of the boys”. They rushed him into a room and gave him CPR. You were in the hall with georgia and the boys. You started crying. “Darcy he will be ok” “what if he isn't zayn what if then i have to live knowing i could've died instead of him” “ Darcy don't blame this on yourself” “Gosh i know we should not try to go to la we ended up in this small town” “Darcy stop crYing come here”. You walked over to Zayn he held you tight as you cried on his shoulder. It was 5 hours later so about 6 am, the doctor came out and said    

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