Thou shall read how they saved your life They saved mine


7. Help

lived you are able to see him”.4 people walked in Niall Liam Louis Georgia. Zayn picked you up and let you cry on his shoulder as he came into the room. “ are you ok darcy” ant you to get hurt it shouldve been me” she said as she ran out of the room. HArry sat up. “is she mad at me is she ok what happened. “ calm down harry i will go talk to her Her knee is better they put ice on it and gave her z brace” said liam as he left to find darcy down  the hall. “darc are you ok were worried” “no i i don't know” “we love you Darcy”. They got back up and walked into harrys hospital room. “ Darcy would you please come here” Harry said. “Sure” Darcy walked over and sat down on a chair. “ Darcy it was not your fault” “ Yes it is Harry you would be fine if it wasn't for my stupidity” “ Darcy ann look into my eyes you are perfect it is not your fault” “thank you harry”. You sat next to harry as he put his arm around you. “ Ha you guys are cute together” said zayn. “ thank you” said harry” Two weeks later you and the boys were siting down eating at nandos. When your salad came you picked up your fork and a note was attached. It read “ will you go on a date with me - harry”. You looked up at harry you said “yes” “thank you darcy be ready tonight at 8 i will pick you up” “ok well its 4:30 so i better go get ready”. You smiled at Harry as you got up and walked back to your room.First you grabbed a black dress with sparkles that went down to your walked to the bathroom to take a shower. When you were done you straightened your hair braided the red stripe and did your makeup. After you went and picked out a pair of black flats. When Harry knocked on the door he and niall were standing there niall asked for georgia. “ Goregia Rose niall is here for you get your shoes on hes taking you out” “ok”. A minit later georgia walks out and niall takes her hand and walks to they walk to the car and gets in. Meanwhile. “So Darcy you leave your  punk rock ways behind” “ Ha Ha so now you believe in stereo types” “ no no I believe you cant judge a person if you don't know there story” “ They tell you to be yourself and then they judge you” “ a quote” “yes harry a quote” “ why did you take off your shoes” “ because i cant run to the car first if i have these shoes on” you said as you ran to the car and harry ran after you. “well so you run fast” harry said out of breath as he opend the car door for you. “well Harold I did track in my senior year” “oh cool so did liam” “ Wow really” “ yep” harry said as he opend the car door for you. You got in and buckled. As Harry got in the car he said “ so we are going to the park” “ I am wearing a dress” “ I know “ “good thing i wore black legings” “ha ha”. Harry and you were joking around and then you arived. You darted for the monkey bars. “ wait up” harry said as he was running after you with the picknic bascet. You two sat ontop of the monkey bars. “

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