Thou shall read how they saved your life They saved mine


2. Flirting

You grabbed your food and headed to georgia rose. “ lets sit in the play area no one is in there yet” “ ok darcy”. When you sat down there was cash on the table with a paper on one that said darcy and the other said georgia rose. “ thats weird georgia” “ yes wait theres a pile with $15 under darcy and a theres $13  undermine” “ georgia rose yours was $13  and mine was $15” as you said that you heard a scratch. “ keep quiet louis” you heard a voice murmur and about three others said “yeah” and you heard someone say “ ok i'll try”. “ as they said that you and georgia snuck up the stairs. You guys got to the top and heard. “ hey where they go”. You peeked and saw the boys who were at the motel. you looked at georgia and said” one two three and we scream and slide down the slide if they chase us we run back up” “got it darc”.One. Two. Three. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You guys slid down the slide followed by them. you ran back up took another turn georgia went the first way.                 “got ya” said harry. He tackled darcy down the first set of stairs. You guys started laughing. “ hey fancy meeting you here darcy” “ yeah harry you guys rushed here to stalk us” “No darcy we simply came to say hi and sorry for splashing you guys so we payed for your guys meal” “ harry you  did not half to pay” “ we have more” “ well you should you're a quite popular boyband”  “you found out she found out” he screamed. “its not a big deal although i got diana stuck in my head, I'm not one of the girls who uses people for money” “well thats good to know” “ anyway me and Georgia rose want to go bowling do you know where a bowling alley is?” “ yes” “ well where is it Harry” “ i will only tell you if we can bowl with you we will pay” “ oh i see sure but me and georgia are very competitive” “thats good darcy because you should see the way zayn bowls” “ you can go to the bowling alley if you can get me” you said as you ran up the steps. “ i will get you Darcy” “never in a million years”. you tripped and fell down the landings and hit the slide and hurt yourself on the sharp nails. “ oh my gosh are you ok darcy” “ yeah i’m fine” “ your knee is bleeding” “ i’m fine” “darcy at least put a band-aid on it” “ok” you said as you put a band-aid on. “ harry what happened” said louis the other boys were right behind them with georgia. “ i fell “ “yeah darcy you fell you went flying through the air and hit the slide and landed on something” “darcy are you sure your ok you don't like when you get hurt” “ yes i’m fine lets go bowling” you said as you slid down the blue slide with your best friend and the boys behind you. you got in your gorgias car and followed them over to the bowling alley. You arrived and got out of the car. “ hey over here” liam said. “ Ok” yelled Georgia rose. You guys walked in and zayn stayed with you and georgia while the

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