Thou shall read how they saved your life They saved mine


8. End

chey can you stay in england “ i wish i have everything with but money i cant get a flat” “ i can buy you a flat and get you a job you and georgia rose” Ok harry i will stay in england” “yaaaaay” harry said as he started to fall. You grabed his hand and pulled him back up. “well thank you” ‘your welcome” “ok i will call niall we will go look for a flat by are house” “ why are you staying at that dump motel then” “because we stay at the worst hotel we can find once every month” “ha ha ok”. Harry called niall. “ello mate” hi can you put me on speaker  “”yep your on speaker”  “hey georgia darcy said she will move to england we are going to look at flats tonight you guys can be roomates i will find you a job” “yay ok” “meet us on rolekeres street” “yep will be right there”. You guys drove to harrys house he roomed with louis and niall lived next door. When they arive dthey called someone and got you a job at starbucks and went to a buliding and signed a lease and that was your flat. You were so happy youhuged harry and niall and niall picked up georgia and harry picked up you.”ha ha ha”. I copiedand pasted it some of it got deleted. Do you guys like four whats your favirote song.

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