Thou shall read how they saved your life They saved mine


5. Comfurt

and you got a call. “ hey darcy its liam there something in are room” “im next door you could walk over and tell me” “we can't go out but people can come in” “ok bye i will wake up georgia and be right over” “ok”. “hey georgia wake up something is in there room” “ok”. You and georgia had gotten up you both had matching pajamas the top was a gray tank top and the bottom were just above the knee shorts with black polka dots you hurried into there room. They were all in black tops with black shorts.”um ok where is this someone” “in the closet darcy” liam screamed. “im sure its nothing” you and georgia walked over and opened it. “who are you” someone said with a deep voice. “i will keep you safe girls” said harry. Everyone heard a deep laugh. The closet doors shut and liam heard stuff fall off the shelf. “Zayn you check” “ no way louis” “i will check said niall”. He opened the closet doors and everything was on the floor but the guy was gone. “all clear everythings ok” “ for now anyway”. “ thanks for coming over” “ your welcome liam”. You walked back to your room to see the bathroom light on and the sink was on. “i will turn it off” said georgia rose.                                               “ aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “ are you ok georgia” “ look at this its written in soap” “ it says watch your back” “um ok” “i am calling harry and niall. You picked up your cell phone which was a iphone 6. “hello harry grab niall and get here there is a message that says watch your back” “we will be right over calm down” “ok”. A few seconds harry came in with niall. “ darcy georgia are you ok” “ i guess” you said starting to cry. Georgia was right next to you already crying. Niall ran over with harry. “girls what happened” “they said they were going to get us”                                 “girls calm down and get a drink of water” said niall. You both got up and went to the kitchen sink. “its back” you said as you and darcy ran to the room. “darcy” “georgia”. Georgia went to niall and you went to Harry. “darcy what was it”. Georgia answered for you and said “ it said i will be here soon” “ niall harry help us” “ok lets get out of here” “ the boys were in the hallway waiting. “were leaving guys come on” “are stuff” “do you want to live” you screamed. You all ran down the stairs. The boys let you get in there car. “louis drive faster”  “ i shall not get in a car wreck with two lovely ladies in our car” “ car wreck like that will happen just drive faster” “no”. Just then a cop turned his lights and sirens on and was behind you. “dang” “we told you” “whatever” louis said to zayn and liam as the cop walked up. “ sorry i pulled you over because you were doing 10 in a 20” “ok” “i half to give you a 200 dollar fine for driving slow” “yes sir” “ have a good day”  he said as he walked away got in his cop car and drove off. “i told you” “just shut up zayn” “well he is

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