Thou shall read how they saved your life They saved mine


3. Bowling

rest went to get bowling shoes and a lane. “hi zack” “its zayn and you saw the music video for best song ever” “ actually i watched it in the car while georgia was driving but i didn't know the name” “I see so georgia ever bowled” “yes but the girl you were talking to is a pro” “i am aren't i georgia” you said. The guys called you over to the lane bowling shoes. “ hey darcy what do you think of the boys” “ didnt you ask me that earlier but yes they are very nice” you guys sat down and put bowling shoes on. “ hey darcy let me tie your shoes” said harry. “ georgia i shall tie your shoes” said niall. “Ok guys” you and georgia said at the same time. Harry bent down to tie your shoes. “ hi lady” “my name is darcy” “i know” “why did you call me lady” “because it seemed nice” “well you are one of the loudest most obnoxious most kindest and caring person i have met” “well thank you that is very nice”. Niall bent down to tie georgias shoes. “hope ya like bowling” “ i like bowling very much niall” “well thats nice to know georgia”. We all stood up and Liam was talking to everybody while putting the names on the screen. The boys turn around and start singing. “straight off the plain to a new hotel just touch down you can never tell big house party with a crowded kitchen people talk shhh we don't listen” harry sang and louis started by this time people were watching. “ tell me that i'm wrong but i do what i please way to many people in the addison lee now i'm  at the age that i know what i need ooh oh” they all sang,” midnight memories ohh oh oh oh everywhere we go never say no just do it do it do it” liam started, “ 5 foot something with the skinny jeans don't look back girl follow me” louis zayn and niall sang,” i don't know where i'm going but i'm finding my way now i'm same old shh but a different day” the song played on but they stopped and got a standing ovation. One girl no older than 13 came over and asked “hey can i have a autograph and picture” “ sure” they boys said while they took a picture and signed a book. “wow guys i didn't know you were that good” “thanks darc we are quite popular” “is that one of your songs” said georgia rose. “yes we don't do that often because the pop roxie you shally here but right now they think we are in vegas” “ we see” both of you responded. “ lets bowl” liam said. “ok” “darc you're up first were only doing one round” “ok harry”. You grabbed a 10 pound pink and red swirlie bowling ball. “come on darcy” louis liam zayn niall and harry said. You stepped back swung your arm stepped forward and threw. “ wow your a natural” “ thanks liam” you replied. You had knocked all the pins down. by the time the round was over you georgia and zayn tied with 184, louis had 123 niall had 122 harry and liam both got 90. “good game guys” harry said. you guys sat down and took turns putting your numbers into all their phones. It was about 12:00 am

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