Thou shall read how they saved your life They saved mine


1. before

   We were on our way to the homes chapel uk. We took the wrong road and ended up in england. “ let’s go to a motel ,” said georgia rose. “Ok,” you responded. I had  song called Diana stuck in my head. We walked in and saw a dusty desk with a tall thin man sitting behind it. Our room was room 38 right next to five noisy people. Two of them came up and the first one spoke and said. “ Hello I’m Niall “. The boy standing next to him said,” I’m Harry hi “. Harry was standing there gazing at you. He had light green eyes he was about 5’11 had shoulder length smooth hair with some curls. Niall was 5’7 with hair that was brunet but was dyed blond at the top. Three different boys stepped out of the room. “ I’m Louis Tomlinson and thats Zayn Malik and Liam Payne you already met Styles and Horan”. He pointed at Harry as he said Styles and at Niall as he said Horan. Georgia rose Said “ I’m georgia rose and thats my best friend Darcy”. You guys smiled as they gazed at you with a huge smile on there face. We walked into our room. It had two beds and one bathroom. “ Lets get our bathing suits on Darcy “ “Ok”. You guys got into your bathing suits and started walking down to the pool. When you got there the water looked muddy but clean and the five boys you met upstairs was splashing around in the pool. Except Zayn he was sitting on one of the beach chairs and had his headphones in. He looked over and smiled then looked back at his phone. “ lets sit on the chairs and talk georgia rose ” “ Ok”. The chairs were white.  All of a sudden a splash of water went all over you and georgia rose. Liam rushed out of the pool and apologized. “ I think we should dry off and get changed and head to mcdonalds Darcy” “ yeah me too i hate the water”. We walked to our room. “georgia rose those boys look familiar” “ yeah I have seen them somewhere”. Then we got changed. We got in georgias car. I drove while georgia sat in the passenger seat. She had zebra print seat. “ Can we play Diana” “ Fine Darcy do you even know who sings it” “no I have been wanting to know just never got to it georgia rose can you look it up on your phone” “sure”. It was only about two minutes later. “ oh my gosh Darcy” “ What you almost made me pass out what” “one direction is the group who sings it there british and one is from ireland there the boys we met in the motel”     “ No way it can’t be” you said as you parked in the parking spot. “ Look darc” “ Oh my gosh” “ i can't believe it they were a little creepy and messy” “yes but georgia they splashed water on us” “ lets go in darcy” “ok” you walked in past the play area. “ I would like a side salad with chicken and ranch dressing” “that will be $12.78” “yes mam” georgia said. Georgia Rose took her salad and waited for darcy. “ I would Like a salad with no meat ranch dressing and tomato” “That will be $14.98” said the cashier.

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