His Claim

My name is Raine Bentley. I have felt someone watching me from year now. But no one has confronted me yet. Not even my stalker. No I did'nt complain to the police. Because when I did they did'nt believe me. I have seen my stalker, but only in the shadows of dark alleys. Or mostly in a black sedan. Im twenty one years old. Im a dentist. Just started my career. I live with my roomate Anna. I was born in Lousianna. But currently im in New york. Since one year. That is when everything started.


2. Two

I come home tired. I walk into the foyer and drop my car keys on the key stand table.

"There you are. Where have you been?" Asks Anna. My best friend. Walking over to the kitchen island Anna puts both her hands on her hips. She could be stubborn sometimes.

"I had a late client. Sorry. Take out for tonight?" i ask and drop my bag on the island and take a seat next to where Anna is sitting.

"Yes, take out is good. And was it that girl who looks like an angel?" Anna scrunches her nose. "Yes, her." Just the thought of lucy saddens me.

"Why do good kids always have lame parents?" Asks Anna, her brows furrowing.

"I wish I knew." Lucy's mother is a drunk, her dad is a rich CEO and a player. Lucy never gets loved, even though she deserves it. She might look happy and sweet but inside shes hurt and sad.

"I'm going to go shower and then change." I grab my handbag and walk to my room.

"I'll order take out." Called Anna after me.

I take a shower and stand infront of my bathroom mirror to dry my hair. My blonde hair is sleek from the shower as I try to dry it, my grey eyes are wide, my lips are red and pouty, and my cheekbones high. I wear a wool sweater and jeans shorts, with my hair reaching just to the middle of my back. Inside the living room infront of the Tv, Anna is sitting with packed chinese take out.

"Was waiting for you." Anna gestures towards the couch she is sitting on and I sit next to her.

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