His Claim

My name is Raine Bentley. I have felt someone watching me from year now. But no one has confronted me yet. Not even my stalker. No I did'nt complain to the police. Because when I did they did'nt believe me. I have seen my stalker, but only in the shadows of dark alleys. Or mostly in a black sedan. Im twenty one years old. Im a dentist. Just started my career. I live with my roomate Anna. I was born in Lousianna. But currently im in New york. Since one year. That is when everything started.


3. Three

"I saw a black sedan today." I state out. having noodle in my mouth and watching Twilight.

"The stalker? Did he show up?" Asks Anna, anticipation etched on her face. She puts down her box of noodle and looks at me with wide eyes.

"No. Tinted windows" I say. And go back to watching Twilight.

"What car was it?" 

"I don't know." I shrug, apologetically.

"Raine, you should totally get a freaking bodyguard or something. For you're safety. Please, I'm worried." Anna pouts her lips at me.

"You think?" I ask her, pursing my lips.

"God knows what kind of a freak that asshole stalker is. What if he is a psyco?" Anna says grumpily and turns back to watching Twilight.

I turn back to watching Twilight as well. Thoughts of my mystry stalker run the whole time in my head. Anna has fallen asleep on the couch while I sit there drinking beer and thinking. Thinking. And thinking.


I wake up and stretch. Then i wear my workout shorts and shirt and go down the elevator for my workout. I start with jogging in the avenue central park, near the lake. 

Its been an hour since i have been jogging. I stand on the grass and stretch. while to the toe touching stetch I see the black sedan again. But its behind me.

I stand straight and turn around. The window of the black sedan is rolled down and there is a man holding a big nikon profssional camera. Its like a big eye is watching me as it clicks.

Suddenly rage fills me. How dare he take my pictures.

I start walking towards the car and its like everything has gone in slow motion. The camera guy sits back, pulls the window up and the car leaves. The tire's making a screeching noise from speeding away.


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