His Claim

My name is Raine Bentley. I have felt someone watching me from year now. But no one has confronted me yet. Not even my stalker. No I did'nt complain to the police. Because when I did they did'nt believe me. I have seen my stalker, but only in the shadows of dark alleys. Or mostly in a black sedan. Im twenty one years old. Im a dentist. Just started my career. I live with my roomate Anna. I was born in Lousianna. But currently im in New york. Since one year. That is when everything started.


1. One


I can feel eyes on me. Its like someone is watching me at all times. I don't even know if it is a she or he.






I laugh out loud at the thought and the couple sitting next to me in starbucks look at me like I'm crazy since im sitting all alone.


I stare down at my brownies and cup of coffee, and my appetite is suddenly gone. Vanished. Just the th

ought that someone is watching me  makes my heart pound from fear and dread.





I look at my watch and its past ten. Crap. Im late for my clinic again. 
















































I get up and throw my coffee in the bin and exit the café. And there it is. the black sedan with tinted windows. Its the first time it's in the front. I have never seen it before.

I walk to my white sleek mercedes and unlock it. I sit in and let the plush leather pull me in. I reach the clinic in twenty minutes.

I take the elevator to the second floor. There behind the desk sits Emily Stephen, the receptionist. 

"You're late. Mrs.Louisse will be pissed." Emily grinns at me with wide eyes. She the kind of person who does'nt care about anyones bussiness.

"Sorry." I wince. Going to the desk I pick up my room keys and walk towards it. I unlock my room to kids dentist and my start my computers power.

My last client is Lucy Rowenta. A sweet little thing. The kind of kid who would be called an angel. The first time I saw her she came in my room looking fragile and scared. With her glossy blonde hair bouncing off her shoulders and her cheeks like rose pedals. The minute I gave her a heart balloon and candies, she looked at me like I was her bestest friend.

My day at work wasn't as tiresome as always. It is friday.

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