Stubborn Wolf

What is Callum to do when he is reunited with his high school tormentor during a blind double date? | Callum has recently gotten used to the half-vampire-half-human life. But his social life leaves much to be desired according to his best friend. Being forced to tag along on a double date with said best friend and her girlfriend, Callum meets a certain wolf shifter he thought he'd never have to see again.


16. Chapter Sixteen

"Oh god."

Callum's studio was a mess. Every article of clothing he owned littered the floor and he was still only in his underwear, the tips of his hair still damp from his shower. Mason was due to arrive in less than five minutes.

"What the hell am I doing?" Callum pulled at his hair. He wasn't sure what he was questioning exactly. It could have been how he was behaving like a stereotypical preteen going on her first date, why he was so anxious, or even why he had even asked Mason out on this not-date that, if he was being honest with himself, was a date-date.

His phone beeped.

Mason: I'm out front.

Callum scrambled to put on the first set of clothes he got his hands on. He grabbed his wallet, keys, and phone before running out of his apartment. He got to the elevator before he realized he forgot to put on shoes, ran back to slip on his Converse, and then ditched the elevator to take the stairs.

After losing his footing too many times to count and nearly going down the stairs like a fallen barrel, Callum did his best to walk out of the building with a calm disposition.

Mason was parked right at the curb, arm resting in the window frame. He spotted Callum and waved.

"Uh, hey," Callum waved back, going around to slip into the passenger seat.

"You look great," Mason said, letting his eyes roam over Callum before flicking up to his eyes. Callum looked down to see what he had put on and was grateful for his aversion to colorful clothes. You could never go wrong with loose, dark jeans and a grey shirt.

"Thanks, um, you too," Callum replied. He took in Mason's appearance and couldn't help but let his eyes linger. Even though he was dressed similarly, there was a level of class and power that Callum didn't have. Mason's jeans were tighter on him, creating a skin of denim that hugged his muscular legs sinfully. His shirt was a V-neck, Callum personal favorite type because he could see a teasing hint of chest and collar bones, with the half sleeves rolled up a bit. Callum even caught a whiff of a faint woodsy cologne.

"You want to pick up snacks or something on the way?" Mason asked as he rolled his window up and pulled onto the road.

Callum shrugged, "Drinks and popcorn?"

"Then we'll make a quick stop. Grab whatever you want." Mason stopped at a mini 24 hour convenience store and the two got out. Mason went to grab drinks and Callum looked for snacks. When they met back at the register, Mason had a six pack of beer and Callum had popcorn and two packets of Sour Punch, one apple flavored and the other blue raspberry.

"Which one's mine?" Mason asked as the cashier rung them up while repeatedly glancing at him. Mason completely ignored the girl's attention, standing far closer than normal to Callum.

"Who said any of them were?" Callum retorted, shifting away so his thigh wasn't brushing against Mason's.

Mason pouted playfully as he pulled his wallet out to pay, "That's just mean, love."

Callum didn't say anything and simply grabbed the plastic bag, waiting for Mason to finish up before leaving the store and settling back in the car. With his nerves practically shot, Callum didn't pay much attention to his surroundings until he soon found himself sitting in Mason's living room, drinks and candy on the coffee table while Mason popped the popcorn.

Mason came back into the living room and Callum's nerves settled somewhat with the scent of hot popcorn. Mason handed the bowl to Callum while he set up the TV and quickly went through paying for the TV show to stream on the large display.

"Ready?" Mason asked as he settled on the couch next to Callum. Callum had set the bowl between their bodies. It wasn't much of a gap, but it was still a buffer.

"Yeah," Callum nodded, grabbing a beer and popping it open. He tucked his legs up under him and did his best to relax against the couch. Mason selected the first episode and it didn't take long for Callum to get sucked into the humorous show.

"That was fantastic!" Callum beamed, all nervousness forgotten during the course of the marathon. Each episode was full of bad humor and catchy musical numbers.

"Not the usual thing I watch, but it was pretty great. I hope they make a second season soon," Mason agreed.

Callum turned to look at the shifter and was startled by their proximity. The popcorn bowl had been moved to the table when it filled only with unpopped kernels and buttery oils, so without the flimsy barrier the two had migrated closer together, almost flush up against the other's side. Mason's arm had been thrown across the back of the couch and Callum realized that the back of his neck had been resting against it for lord knew how long.

"Uh, yeah," Callum looked away, hands going to the bottom of his shirt to twist the fabric as he shifted to put his feet back on the floor. He winced as the movement of his legs made them prickle as his previously compressed nerves were finally able to connect to his brain again.

"You okay?" Mason asked, nothing but concern in his voice.

Callum leaned over to massage his right leg, beginning at the calf, as he replied, "Yeah, my legs fell asleep, that's all. Pins and needles suck."

"I could help if you like."

Callum, unsure how to respond, simply made a humming noise that was neither negative nor affirmative.

Seconds later, Callum quickly found himself lying back against the armrest, his legs in Mason's lap.

"Wait, what?" Callum tried to sit up, but Mason had a firm grasp on his prickling leg, fingers making circular motions into the skin through his jeans.

Mason grinned at him, "Helping with the pain."

Callum blinked, "How did you move so fast?!"

Mason simply smirked wickedly and carried on with trading Callum's pain for soothing comfort with a touch of pleasure.

Callum sagged into the couch as the prickling fled and focused on Mason's hands on his leg with closed eyes. Even with the barrier of his jeans, the touch seemed to link directly to his nervous system, which in turn ignited a fountain of heat in his lower abdomen. He had to bite his lip and clench his jaw to avoid making any embarrassing noises.

Mason moved onto his other leg and the feelings seemed to only grow. The prickling had long since faded away but Callum was reluctant to tell Mason to stop. When Mason's hands halted, Callum's eyes opened in question. All the air in his lungs was sucked right out when he caught Mason's heated gaze. There was no doubt about Mason's state of mind. His skin was flushed, breathing heavy, and when Callum took the time to focus on his surroundings, the musky, heady scent of arousal was thick in the air. And it wasn't only Mason.

Callum swallowed and released his lip, his tongue going over the abused flesh even though most of the moisture in his mouth seemed to have evaporated.

Mason let go of his leg and Callum shifted so he was sitting up. He was all too aware of the bulge in Mason's pants as well as the one in his own. Mason's eyes were drawn to Callum's crotch when the halfie tried to inconspicuously lay his hands in his lap.

"Um…" Callum didn't know where to look. Mason's crotch was a horrible idea but his eyes didn't seem able to move. In fact, it seemed as if his entire body were paralyzed.

Mason, however, didn't seem to have any problems with mobility. He slowly shifted towards Callum, leaning forward until he had one hand braced against the back of the couch and the other was hovering near Callum's cheek.

Callum finally managed to move his gaze and they slid up to Mason's face, specifically, his lips. They were so inviting. So close. So warm.

Not really knowing when, how, or even who moved, Callum was in Mason's lap, hands gripping the shifter's shirt and hair while his tongue curled in Mason's mouth. Mason's hands were at Callum's jaw and hip, firm yet with a gentle possessiveness that only made Callum press against the wolf more.

"Callum," Mason mumbled, pulling a bit away. Callum followed the movement but Mason avoided the halfie's lips by trailing his own down Callum's neck. "If you don't leave, I won't be able to stop," Mason said into Callum's skin, his breath hot and heavy.

"Don't," Callum replied, the hushed word leaving his lips before he could think.

Mason removed his lips from Callum's skin and looked directly at the deliberating man.

"Don't what?" he asked carefully.

Callum bit his lip. He knew that this was an important decision. He knew that there was no going back. He knew that coming over would likely not end platonically. But he also knew that he couldn't deny his attraction to the wolf any longer. He found Mason attractive, beyond attractive, and that too in a way that went far beyond skin deep. He had to admit that he did like the shifter, for all his annoying qualities, that he made Callum that feel odd, heady mixture of nervous and excited. And he just really wanted to keep kissing Mason and be allowed to explore the shifter's body.

"Don't…" Callum whispered, "don't stop," before leaning forward and regaining possession of Mason's slightly parted lips.

It took a second, but Mason quickly responded and the two were soon stumbling and tripping over their feet between kisses to get to Mason's bedroom.

Callum was pulled onto the bed, back in Mason's lap with their chests and groins flush against each other, hips rolling in a quest for friction. Mason's hands slid up and down Callum's sides while Callum's were firmly threaded in Mason's dark brown locks. Mason had taken over the kiss, thrusting his tongue in and out of Callum's mouth, imitating a course of action they would be soon be in the middle of. His tongue stroked and caressed every inch of Callum's warm and wet mouth, drawing sounds of pleasure from the halfie's throat; groans, moans, whimpers, and even the occasional purring.

Callum's mind was lost in a haze of lust and affection. He was so hot. His skin was burning in a fever of desire, his blood boiling, simmering under his flushed skin. He ached.

Mason's hands finally stopped at the end of Callum's shirt and it took seconds for them to break away temporarily and divest Callum of the clothing article. With a new fervor, Mason's hands roved over Callum's bare skin, eliciting a long, drawn out moan from both men, though Callum was understandably louder. The wolf's hands were big and rough and warm and sent red-hot spikes of pleasure straight to the halfie's groin.

"Oh god," Callum groaned, rocking his hips harder against Mason. He gripped the bottom of Mason's shirt and pulled it over his head, mouth latching onto the other man's collarbone as his hands did their own exploring over the vast plains of Mason's chest. He curled some of Mason's chest hair around his finger then tugged lightly, loving Mason's reaction.

Mason growled, more animal than human, and Callum quickly found himself on his back, Mason holding himself above on his elbows.

They were panting, warm breaths mingling as they stared at each other, gazes locked with no sign of breaking. Callum stared right into Mason's dark eyes. The pupils were blown wide; swallowing his irises so only the barest hint of that darkened ocean blue was visible. Callum was sure his own green eyes were in a similar state.

"Fuck, I love you," Mason whispered, as if afraid that speaking too loudly would destroy the spell they were under.

Callum blushed harder. He leaned up to gently place his lips against Mason's in response. It wasn't a clear answer, or really an answer at all, but it was something, even if Callum didn't know what that something was.

Mason returned the chaste peck but they quickly grew hungry and the sucking, nibbling, biting, and licking started up again with no shortage of passion.

Callum let his hands slide down Mason's chest until his fingers came to the waistband of the other man's jeans. They definitely needed to come off.

Callum made quick work of the button and zipper, hurriedly tugging Mason's jeans down his thighs before Mason wriggled them off the rest of the way himself. The pair was carelessly tossed off the bed, landing unnoticed on the floor.

Callum's mouth watered at the sight of Mason in just his boxers, specifically the tenting at his crotch.

Mason smirked, "Like what you see, love?"

Callum nodded, adding coyly as he licked his lips, "But I think I'd like a closer look."

Mason was momentarily taken aback. Callum was well aware of the fact that he behaved like a completely different person during sex – his confidence skyrocketed. It often left people quite disorientated. The halfie took the opportunity to get up and push Mason onto his back, his head hitting the pillows. Callum fitted himself in between Mason's legs and began kissing and sucking at Mason's neck. He was careful to avoid piercing the skin, even though his fangs were throbbing to be dug in and his tongue longed for that unique taste of Mason's blood that was still quite fresh in his mind.

Mason groaned, urging Callum to continue, and he did. Callum kissed down to Mason's collarbone, biting a little harder and grinning when Mason arched his back and moaned Callum's name.

Encouraged, Callum continued his exploration down Mason's sternum, deviating to the left to press a feather soft kiss to Mason's nipple. He pecked around the area for a bit before licking a stripe up, then grazing his teeth down. Mason reacted nicely to the ministrations so Callum latched onto the pebbled nub, gently biting down, adding more and more pressure until it was almost painful before soothing the area with his tongue. Then he kissed along Mason's chest to the right, giving his neglected nipple the same treatment.

"Fuck, Cal, you're killing me," Mason gasped.

Callum detached his lips from Mason's body and grinned, "I haven't even done anything yet, Mase."

Mason raised a disbelieving brow, clearly having no idea of what Callum was capable of.

Callum chuckled and resumed showering Mason's torso with kisses, slowly working his way down to his navel, sticking his tongue in the cavern briefly before following the man's treasure trail until he was teasing the waistband of Mason's boxers. There was a rather impressive bulge trying to fight through the fabric but Callum was biding his time.

Callum grinned when Mason made impatient groans as he let his teeth graze the sensitive skin.

"Cal," Mason whined, almost whimpering like a tormented wolf.

"Fine," Callum said before shocking Mason by mouthing at the shifter's arousal through the cotton of his boxers.

They were already slightly wet from Mason's excitement and Callum's licking and sucking made them mold themselves to Mason's body. When Callum felt that he had tortured Mason enough, he backed off and made quick work of the restricting boxers, letting them join their other discarded clothing.

Callum stared down at Mason's erection. It was proportional to his body, standing straight up and blushing with need, tip coated with translucent pre-cum.

Mason was watching him with hooded eyes and Callum met his gaze. He slowly lowered his head until his lips were just barely brushing the tip of Mason's cock. His breath fell on the member and Mason was panting, anticipation and desire flooring him.

Being sure to keep steady eye contact, Callum gently kissed the tip of Mason. He pressed more kisses down and around him before he followed the same path with his tongue, being sure to press down on Mason's slit with his flattened tongue. He licked down Mason's shaft then pressed kisses to each of his balls before taking one into his mouth and then the other before returning to Mason's cock.

Mason had long since screwed his eyes shut, overtaken by his senses and Callum was enjoying himself immensely by simply watching Mason's face, taking note of every little indication of his pleasure. Callum himself was aching, his desire pushing against the confines of his jeans, but he could hold off for a bit longer. He was intent on pleasing Mason. He was always rather participative in the bedroom and often put his partner's needs before his own. He liked knowing he pleased his partner, and of course, he expected the favor to be returned in full.

Pressing one last kiss to Mason's tip, Callum wet his lips before parting them and slowly clamped them around Mason. Slowly, torturously slowly, he took more and more of Mason into his mouth, until he had Mason's pulsing heat completely.

Mason's eyes had snapped open when he felt himself encased in Callum's mouth and the sight of Callum between his legs, pink lips around him with green eyes staring, nearly had him come completely undone.

Callum let his eyes shut as he focused solely on bringing Mason as much pleasure as he possibly could with his mouth and tongue. He hollowed out his cheeks and sucked and swallowed and bobbed his head, relaxing his throat so he wouldn't gag and hurt himself. While his mouth and tongue worked, his hands went to Mason's balls, cupping and massaging them so they weren't neglected.

Mason's hands threaded themselves into Callum's hair and he gently thrust his hips, going deeper down Callum's throat. He was restraining himself and Callum was thankful for that. Mason was much stronger than him and Callum had his limits.

When Callum started humming, the vibrations of his throat made Mason push Callum away. Slightly stunned, Callum backed off and when he raised a brow at Mason in question, Mason blushed and looked away, "I was going to come."

Callum chuckled, "Then we best get on with it, huh? All this foreplay's really got me riled up." He put his hands on his hips, directing Mason's gaze to his own hard-on that was still trapped and suffocating.

Mason stared at Callum's crotch with unadulterated lust and Callum couldn't help but tease the wolf. He slowly slid his hands down his thighs then back up at an angle going towards his crotch. His left hand slid up his chest towards a nipple to tweak while he trailed the index finger of his right hand lightly over his bulge. Up and down and up and down and up and down his finger went, teasing himself but also Mason who was enraptured.

"Callum," Mason said, voice rough with arousal. "If those don't go right now you will lose those jeans forever."

Callum laughed but heeded Mason's warning, although he was still in the mood to tease. He hopped off the bed, standing at the foot of it and unbuttoned his jeans before slowly pulling down the fly, revealing the red of his boxer briefs that was stretched tight over his straining erection. He bit his bottom lip, the nerves finally catching up to him, as he watched Mason stare at him as he slowly pushed his jeans down his hips, revealing, inch by inch, his lower body until his jeans were finally pooled at his ankles.

Now, assertive and seemingly confident as Callum might be in the bedroom, he was not one to be completely oblivious to the feelings of self-consciousness, which seemed to only amplify in the presence of Mason and his captivated gaze. With this small break, the persona Callum adopted whenever he had sex slipped further and further away. Callum did feel pretty good, but the longer he stood there in silence, the more his traitorous thoughts decided to fill his brain with insecurities. His thighs were too thick and jiggly, his underwear was too garish and unattractively tight, he was too lanky and pale, etc.

Bravado gone, he blushed and looked to the floor, his hands unconsciously coming to hide his bulge as they wrung together.

"Don't do that," Mason said, crawling over and climbing off the bed. He walked right up to Callum and gently grabbed his wrists, pulling them up to his lips and placing gentle pecks to the palms. "You're gorgeous. You've no need to feel insecure. I love you, everything about you. You're perfect."

"Shut up," Callum grumbled. He freed his hands and looked up past his lashes to see Mason smiling down at him with nothing short of adoration.

"Make me," Mason challenged, smirking playfully.

Callum rolled his eyes but followed through, wrapping his arms around Mason's neck and pressing his lips to Mason's. He had intended for it to be slow and gentle, but Mason had other ideas.

The shifter bit down on Callum's bottom lip and quickly gained entry with his tongue. The only word that could come close to describing what Mason did to Callum's mouth would be ravage. And Callum loved it.

With a moan, Callum pushed harder into Mason's body, trying to mold himself to the taller male.

Mason's hands slid down Callum's bare back until they were cupping his ass through the red underwear. Mason squeezed gently then let his hands continue to travel down to the back of Callum's thighs, urging Callum to kick his jeans off and climb Mason, wrapping his legs around Mason's hips as the shifter moved them back to the bed.

Mason gently lowered Callum onto his back, his head hitting the pillows. He disentangled himself from the halfie and sat on his knees, letting his hands smooth over Callum's thighs.

Callum looked up at Mason with hooded eyes, waiting and watching for Mason's next move. The shifter looked nervous now and Callum wondered why. He'd kind of pegged Mason to be extremely confident under the sheets, especially with how proactive he had been in his pursuit of Callum.

Mason's hands slid farther up until his thumbs hooked the waistband of Callum's boxer briefs. He bit his lip and silently asked Callum for permission which the halfie granted with an encouraging smile and a nod of his head.

Mason slowly peeled the red fabric from Callum's hips and they were soon on the floor beside the bed. Callum was splayed out in front of Mason completely naked and he was glad that Mason had been the first to lose his clothes. It made the situation less embarrassing. Not that it wasn't embarrassing at all, because it was. Especially with the way Mason was eyeing up Callum's body.

"You're fucking beautiful, Callum," Mason whispered.

Callum blushed and looked away, "Shut up, stupid wolf."

Mason leaned down to place his lips at Callum's ear as he carried on, "Splayed out on my bed, naked, hard. I'm barely holding back from coming just at the sight of you. You're not even trying but you're seducing me like nothing else. I'm convinced you're half incubus instead of vampire. Fuck, I just want to kiss every single inch of you. Twice. And then a couple hundred more times." Mason slowly started to whisper sinful promises, making Callum harder than he already was, than he had ever been. Mason recounted all his fantasies from high school and from more recent times. They went from watching Callum jerk off in front of him to Callum riding him to Callum in nothing but a loose tie to Callum on all fours to Callum against the shower wall to Callum covered in caramel because chocolate and whipped cream was overdone.

"Christ, Mase, if you don't do something, I'm going to kill you," Callum gasped. Mason was driving him insane and his patience had run dry. Callum always had a thing for dirty talk, nothing too vulgar, but Mason's descriptions were just the right amount of kinky.

Mason chuckled, though Callum sensed unease. Was Mason having second thoughts? Was all of this really just another stupid, elaborate prank?

Mason rubbed his hands along Callum's inner thighs. He smirked though Callum noticed the strain, "And what would you like me to do, love?" Mason's right hand drifted to Callum's cock and he gently teased Callum's length.

Callum groaned even though he was still suspicious. But he decided to put his trust into Mason. He had done so, so far and if this decision came to bite him in the ass, he'd deal with it. He could get over it. He got over Justin and he could get over Mason. He found himself hoping he wouldn't have to try and get over Mason.

"Mason," Callum moaned when Mason's stroking sped up. He was slightly clumsy about it but Callum let that observation drift to the back of his mind. "Mason. Condom. Lube. Now."

Mason's hand faltered but he nodded and leaned to the side to rummage through the side table drawer until he found what he was looking for. He quickly slid the drawer shut and Callum saw the condom and lube. Mason's hands were shaking.

Callum frowned and shifted up onto his elbows. "Mason?" he called out cautiously, already building his walls back up. "You alright?"

"I'm fine, I…" Mason hesitated. He sighed and closed his eyes, grimacing, "I have no idea what I'm doing."

Callum's brows furrowed, "What?"

Mason's face turned red and he refused to look at Callum, staring at the wall to the left. "I… Oh god, this is embarrassing. I'm a virgin, Cal."

Callum blinked. Then blinked again. "What?" he repeated in disbelief. "No. No way. You? But you kiss like a god!"

"Although that does make me feel a bit better, I'm not joking, Callum. The most I've ever done is kiss and get a blowjob once in a while. I couldn't have sex, didn't want to have sex if that person wasn't you."

Callum didn't know what to say. He was completely baffled. This whole time, perverted, stubborn Mason actually barely had any sexual experience. He was actually saving himself for Callum and fuck if Callum didn't find that downright adorable.

"Virgins do always have the dirtiest minds," Callum finally said, a teasing smile quirking his lips.

"We will never speak of that ever again," Mason said, bringing his lips to Callum's, but not quite letting them meet. He seemed relieved and a small smile played at his lips.

Callum pouted playfully, "Oh? But I was kind of looking forward to reenacting them, with a few tweaks… Riding you while your hands are cuffed over your head… completely at my mercy…"

Callum reached between them and wrapped his fingers around both of their erections, squeezing and stroking.

"Fuck," Mason gasped, rocking his hips.

Callum tilted his head up to whisper into Mason's ear, "But right now, I just want you to fuck me."

Callum released them and chuckled at Mason's surprised expression.

Callum's first time hadn't been special. He had lost his v-card to a TA at his community college when they were both drunk during the second week of classes. His only memory of the night was the post-sex soreness he felt the next morning when he was rushing to leave. Sex had never been something he put great value in, but he knew how much this meant to Mason who had waited years. He could have forgotten about Callum when they parted ways five years ago but he didn't. Callum wanted to make this as memorable as possible for the shifter.

"So, you gonna just keep lying on top of me, or are you gonna get inside?" Callum questioned.

Mason laughed and sat up, "And here I thought I was the horny pervert."

"Oh, you are, I'm just horny."

"I've unleashed a monster," Mason joked. Callum was glad to see that Mason's nerves had died down to an extent, but he could see that the shifter was still uneasy.

"Hand me the lube," Callum directed, pushing off his back so he was sitting, his bent legs on either side of Mason.

Mason frowned in confusion as he handed the tube over.

"Edible and peppermint," Callum commented absently. He flipped open the lid and poured a liberal amount onto his fingers.

"What are you doing?"

"I…uh, you know. Going in raw is gonna hurt."

"Oh. Right. Um," Mason stammered. He looked at Callum's hand and then down to the halfie's lower half. "Shouldn't I do that? I mean, I've never done it, but…"

Callum smiled softly and pecked Mason's blushing cheek, "I'll do it this time. As adorable as an uncocky and unsure you is, I'm getting real impatient. I want you in me, Mase, and awkward fumbling is using up valuable time of you pounding into me. Much like this discussion is so shut up."

Callum noticed Mason's cock twitch and grinned. He got onto his knees and as he reached his coated hand down to his entrance, placed open-mouthed kisses at Mason's neck. But just as he was about to massage his entrance to make it easier to slide his finger in, Mason pushed him onto his back again.

"I want to watch," Mason said, pupils blown wide.

Callum's eyes expanded in surprise and his cheeks pinked in embarrassment.

"I need to learn, right?" Mason smirked. Confident Mason was back. Callum wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

Callum couldn't refute Mason's logic but it was still incredibly embarrassing. Mason's hot gaze was already focused on Callum's hole and Callum could only imagine what it would feel like to know, to sense, Mason watching him finger himself. The thought had his cock dripping. It seemed part of one of Mason's fantasies was going to come true tonight.

Callum didn't say anything and simply grabbed a pillow from his head to place under his hips so that they were elevated and allowed for him to let his fingers reach his entrance without it being too uncomfortable. It would also help with the actual sex and subsequently gave Mason a better view.

Callum closed his eyes; he couldn't bear to watch Mason watch him pleasure himself in such a manner. His movements weren't as confident and he hesitated until finally drawing up his courage and easing a finger inside.

He grimaced slightly at the initial intrusion but knew well enough that it would quickly pass. He slid the finger in and out, pushing at his walls. Soon, a second finger joined and he scissored himself. The pain and discomfort had passed and Callum was more than turned on. He had fingered himself on occasion before, but this instance was much more intense. That could be attributed to the fact that Mason was watching him. Callum couldn't hide anything and he was curious as to what Mason's thoughts were.

Callum slowly opened his eyes and his cock jumped at the completely ravenous expression on Mason's face. It was more than clear that Mason was enjoying the show immensely.

His confidence returning, Callum let the moans that he had previously been stifling out and arched his back, fingers going as deep as he could get them. He worked the two digits in and out of him and then pushed in a third, pumping and stretching and curling and scissoring until he felt Mason grab his wrist and pull his hand away.


"Sorry, but I really can't hold back anymore." Mason's voice was so far gone, he was barely in control. He squirted some of the peppermint lube onto his palm and roughly jerked his cock, coating the pulsating shaft rather sloppily.

As soon as he was done, Mason grabbed Callum's hips and lined up his slicked cock with Callum's entrance.

"Mason, condom!" Callum exclaimed when he felt the blunt mushroom head of Mason's cock poke at him. Although pureblooded shifters couldn't contract STDs and Callum was in no way at risk of getting pregnant, his insistence for a condom was so that the two wouldn't accidentally mate. If they bit each other and drew blood while they climaxed without the barrier of a condom… It was irreversible. Callum wanted to make sure he knew his feelings, knew that he was irrevocably in love with Mason before he committed to the most sacred act of the paranormal world.

"I'm sorry, I can barely hold back my wolf," Mason said before plunging into Callum.

Pain rocketed through Callum though it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Mason was a lot thicker than Callum's three slender fingers and it had been awhile since Callum's last sexual encounter.

"I won't bite you," Mason said through clenched teeth. Callum could tell it was taking everything in him to not move, to wait for Callum to adjust to the new intrusion. The hot, pulsing, thick intrusion.

"You're so fucking tight," Mason gasped.

Mason's grip on Callum's hips was almost painful, definitely going to be leaving dark blue-purple bruising. The shifter was tense, sweat creating a thin sheen on his skin.

Callum took deep breaths to relax himself and soon the pain subsided until the only reason he was uncomfortable was because Mason was in him, but not moving.

"Mase," Callum said, giving the wolf the go ahead.

Still, Mason controlled himself. He moved slowly, sliding out until only his head was in Callum's warmth, and then sliding back in just as slow and gentle.

Callum groaned, tossing his head back and raising his hips to meet Mason's gentle thrusts. It was nice, different than he was used to. His one night stands were quick and to the point. A means to an end. But with Mason, it was so much more; it was more than it had been with Justin. He was actually loving Callum. It made Callum's stomach do somersaults and his heart ache in a good way that he was growing to be familiar with while associating the reactions to Mason and Mason alone.

Slowly, Mason started picking up speed but he still seemed hesitant so Callum reached up and pulled Mason down so they were kissing.

"Faster, Mase," Callum mumbled against his lips. "Harder." He wanted to feel Mason, even if the stupid shifter couldn't control his wolf long enough to put on a fucking condom. But, so long as Mason didn't bite him and he didn't bite Mason, there wouldn't be any irreparable consequences.

Mason looked into Callum's eyes, looking for any sign to stop but all Callum did was rock his hips to take Mason deeper and purposely clenching around him, making the shifter moan long and low before he finally picked up the pace. He began to slam into Callum, his cock going as deep as it could, his balls slapping against Callum's ass. The room filled with the sounds of sex; skin slapping skin, panting, moaning, groaning, the sound of Mason's cock going in and out of Callum with the aid of lube. Musk, sweat, and peppermint filled the air. Callum was drowning.

"Fuck, Callum," Mason moaned. He continued to pump himself in and out of Callum's body, mouthing at Callum's neck. His teeth sharpened, extending, and Callum dug his nails into Mason's back as a warning even though his own fangs had elongated and were itching to be dug into soft flesh.

Mason groaned as Callum's nails dug into his skin and he picked up the pace, slamming so hard into Callum that the halfie was being pushed up the bed and the bed itself was rocking, slamming into the wall. He removed his mouth from Callum's neck and latched onto Callum's mouth, swallowing his moans. They were kissing furiously, bruising each other's lips, and memorizing the inside of the other's mouth. Then, Mason hit a spot in Callum that made the halfie see stars and arch his back right off the bed with a scream.

"Oh god, Mason, there, right there, please," Callum panted.

Mason did as requested and hit Callum's prostate with every thrust. Callum was a moaning mess, twisting and writhing and gripping onto Mason so hard he broke the wolf's skin and little rivulets of blood leaked. Neither minded.

"Shit, Callum, I can't," Mason grunted. No sooner had he said so did he tense up and with a final deep thrust, he came, filling Callum with his hot seed as he cried out the halfie's name.

Callum moaned at the feeling of being filled for the first time in a long while and reached between them to grab his cock, pumping it with his fist. Even though he was spent, Mason kissed and suckled on Callum's neck and reached down to grab Callum's cock, replacing Callum's hand and stroking Callum until the halfie came with a shout, moaning Mason's name as he sprayed his and Mason's chest with his come.

Mason released Callum and collapsed on top of him. He wrapped his arms around the man under him and placed soft kisses along the side of his neck.

Callum sighed and turned his head to meet Mason's lips with his own. They kissed languidly, nothing more than lips and tongue with gentle caresses. Callum ran his hands up and down Mason's back, feeling the places his nails had dug into that were already more than halfway healed.

Mason moved back and slowly pulled out, rubbing Callum's thigh when he grimaced. He kissed Callum's forehead and got off the bed, heading to the bathroom before quickly returning with a handful of tissues.

"You don't have to," Callum said, voice slightly hoarse.

Mason shrugged and cleaned them up before tossing the used tissues onto the floor and slipping in beside Callum, pulling the covers up over their bodies.

"That's probably not hygienic," Callum commented though he made no move to get out of bed and dispose of them. Instead, he rolled into Mason's chest, nuzzling against him when the other man slung his arm around Callum's waist, holding him close.

"I'll deal with it tomorrow," he said, nuzzling Callum's head and inhaling deeply. He chuckled, "You smell like me." He tightened his grip around Callum and started laughing.

"You alright there?" Callum questioned, quirking a brow.

Mason looked into his eyes and Callum was stunned to see how bright they were. The blues were so clear and practically shining.

"I'm just in shock. You're in my arms, in my bed. We had sex. I lost my virginity to you. You're with me. I'm completely conscious and you're lying with me. You have no idea how many times I've dreamed of this."

Callum's face burned but he was smiling almost as much as Mason. He ducked his head and hid it in Mason's chest, feeling it rumble when the man laughed and hugged him tight. He had no idea he could make someone so happy and Callum could only wonder what Mason's reaction would be if they mated. It was obvious that was what Mason was aiming for. If not, he was a damn good actor.

But Callum wasn't ready to commit to that much. Not yet at least.

Mason sighed and kissed Callum's head, "I love you, Callum."

Callum nodded, he couldn't say anything in response just yet. Mason squeezed him once more and his hands rubbed Callum's back. Callum cleared his throat when Mason's hand wandered a bit too low and his fingers tried to sneak their way down the crack of Callum's ass.

Callum looked up at Mason with narrowed eyes though he wasn't truly angry.

Mason bit his lip and smiled innocently, "I can't wait to do it again. And next time, I'll be prepping you."

"And next time, we're using a damn condom."

Mason laughed sheepishly and Callum rolled his eyes, kissing the shifter quickly and then settling down with his head cradled in the crook of Mason's neck, eyes closing to go to sleep. He drifted off to sleep with the scent of Mason in his nose, the warmth of Mason's body wrapped around him, the feeling of Mason's hand stroking his hip, and the image of Mason's brilliant smile behind his closed eyelids.

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