The Battlefield (For My School)

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  • Published: 18 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 18 Nov 2014
  • Status: Complete
***Winner Of My School Competition***

My World War One poem that won!


1. The Poem

A mix of broken limbs, gun-smoke and words shaken,
Of bullets spraying brown turf from the floor,
And silent souls never to awaken.

Gas clutching to the air with finger tips,
Bullet-less guns,
And last sentences still hanging on lifeless soldiers lips.

Where life-shattering bombs shook the ground,
Snaking trenches dug deep below,
And some valiant heroes that shall never be found.

How can we forget the heroes so brave?
That fought so greatly,
Yet fell to a war-ridden grave.

Bury them below in the dirty earth,
With an engraved stone above their heads,
Give them greatness for all their worth.

Cover them with flowers,
Azure, Scarlet, Cerise, Violet!
Praise them with these flora showers.

Do anything to hide the red,
That seep and stain their uniforms,
Which sent them to their heavenly bed.

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