The Wizard

A fantasy adventure. When an old mage needs an apprentice, who does he choose?


1. In the Beginning

The morn was dark. The sky was grey. The crows glided swiftly through the air and cawed loudly. Did the world notice? Did the world care? Did they see the smoke funnelling through the breeze? I didn't. I burned. I screamed. I mourned. did I see? Did my parents see?


How did this happen? How did I end up on the ground miles away on my own? I don't know?

 No one knows.

Did anybody find it strange that the blacksmith didn't turn up at his forge in the village?


When I close my eyes I see them.

When I fall asleep I hear them.

 Will this ever go away?


I walk now.

I walk forever.



The sky was grey. The gulls flew around swiftly, screeching loudly.

 Did anybody see me on the peer dipping my feet in the water? Did anyone see my parents cleaning the water? Did anyone care about the raging ocean?

I did.

Did anyone see the tidal wave rip across the sand.


Does anyone know where the bodies are?


Does anyone know why I woke up on the ground miles away by myself?


Does anyone care why the local enchantress wasn't at her shop in the town?

I do

Do I know why?



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