The Wizard

A fantasy adventure. When an old mage needs an apprentice, who does he choose?


2. Council

My bones seemed to creak as I walked up the mount that I had been up many a time. the wind whistled in my ears and the snow blustered around my face, swirling round in madness. In my youth, I would have done this hike as if it were nothing. now it feels somewhat reminiscent. I had time to think of the world. Of my territory. Of my problems. Problems that would never happen if I was young. Still I walked. Still I thought.

I was glad to get to shelter as I made my way to the passageway of Scirone, God of the mountain. "wherein this mount of stone may be, reveal the magyk ones to me". The passageway revealed itself and I hurried through.

The council was crowded as if it hadn't been just a decade since the last council. The council of The Guardians. The Wizards.

The large stone arches loomed over the long oaken table; the chamber alight with blue fire. As I found my seat, at the place of the forest elder, the council was called to silence. An incredibly old Magi entered the chamber. he had a long grey beard and dirty, grey robes. in his hand he held a staff of oak, yellow light glowing from the end of it. He had piercing blue eyes: of the sea and the sky. Absolute hush descended upon the council. "All hail the Eldar one!" The sound resonated off the stone walls. The sound of one hundred magi, shouting their commitment to the order. "Welcome friends, it has been long since our last council. Too long, I think." The sound of the Elder One's voice was almost as loud as the magi put together. "We are not as young as we used to be. I am grateful for all of your contributions. We must help save our world from the restoration. It has been a thousand years since the war. One day our world will be safe. One day. Soon, I feel it. There will be sacrifices along the way- oh yes- but we will win. One day." he paused, giving his words time to sink in. They did. Oh they did indeed.


The council continued and all too soon they called "Eren of the Forest" it was my turn to stand up. I walked across the hard marble floor, my footsteps echoing.

"What do you have to say?" the Eldar one's voice booming into my soul.

"My Lord. You said so yourself, we are old," I paused, making sure I knew what to say. "We have all felt the war that is coming. We cannot ignore that. I, over the past decade, have found it more and more difficult to keep order. The young people of today have been blinded by The Restoration. I propose to have an apprenticeship."

"What you have said is true enough. If you are willing to recruit your own apprentice, using your magical senses, I will allow it."

"Here, here!" I turned round to a crowd of magi applauding. I walked back to my place at the council table, feeling as if I'd achieved something. I had. Never before had a Magi been granted an apprentice.


I walked back down the mount, thinking once again. This time towards the future. An apprentice. Who would it be?

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