Faith's Revelation:An Amish Romance

thanks to Sarah Price for creating such amazing characters and allowing me to use the characters in a book idea of mine

young kinners turn towards their new mamm as the year anniversary of their real mamms death.Anna the oldest is closing in on her 13th birthday.four months earlier Faith finds out that she's pregnant with her husband Manuel's baby.


2. chapter two

Faith leans against his body with her mouth near his ear.whispering"I felt our baby move today."

Manuel"are you certain?"

Faith looking him in the eyes"Ja"wraps her arms around him."I was crying and I guess our baby thought that I needed cheering up."

Manuel"Faith you know that Rebecca wouldn't want you to cry."

Faith"I reckon."

Manuel"you reckon that Rebecca would want you to cry?"

Faith"I reckon that she would want me to feel some kind of emotion."looking away."I'm sorry Manny.I've been emotional lately."

Manuel"I reckon it's time for you to visit your mamm and dat."

Faith looking back at Manuel and nods"I reckon you're correct.I've told everyone but my parents about the's time that they knew."

Manuel"our boppli will be well loved."he leans in and passionately presses his lips against hers.

Faith shocked but returns the passionate kiss."will you go with me to tell my parents about out baby?"

Manuel thinks then nods"I have Anna watching the younger kinners.i reckon we have time to visit your parents."

Faith"we will visit them for only a certain amount of time."looks up at the sky."looks about noontime and we have to get home so I can start on dinner."

Manuel"another surprise.i have Anna getting dinner started for you."

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