Faith's Revelation:An Amish Romance

thanks to Sarah Price for creating such amazing characters and allowing me to use the characters in a book idea of mine

young kinners turn towards their new mamm as the year anniversary of their real mamms death.Anna the oldest is closing in on her 13th birthday.four months earlier Faith finds out that she's pregnant with her husband Manuel's baby.


3. chapter three

Faith as they walk to the buggy"well you're full of surprises,aren't you?"

Manuel helping Faith into the buggy then climbs in behind her.grabs the reins."I like to surprise you once and a while."

Faith looks at Manuel as the buggy starts to move down the road towards her parents house."I'm scared Manuel."

Manuel looks over at Faith then looks back at the road."what scares you fraa?"

Faith looking out the window of the buggy."with this baby being my first I'm scared of having the baby."

Manuel looks over at Faith again."I'm going to be there through it all.everything will be fine."looks back at the road."you will do gut."

Faith wiping her face."I seen the pain Rebecca went through.what if I can't handle it?"

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