Faith's Revelation:An Amish Romance

thanks to Sarah Price for creating such amazing characters and allowing me to use the characters in a book idea of mine

young kinners turn towards their new mamm as the year anniversary of their real mamms death.Anna the oldest is closing in on her 13th birthday.four months earlier Faith finds out that she's pregnant with her husband Manuel's baby.


1. chapter one

A warm spring day as the snow begins to melt she stands at a grave looking down where her friend was laid to rest.It's been almost a year since the death of Rebecca Petersheim.With her hand upon her expanding stomach Faith begins to shed tears as the anniversary of her friend's death approaches.Feeling the flutter of her unborn boppli she cracks a quick smile as she wipes the tears away

Faith as a buggy passes"my bestest friend it's coming up on the year anniversary of your selfless action"

"And Ruthie's first birthday"

Faith turns to see Manuel standing behind her"you snuck up on me Manny"

Manuel smiling at Faith's use of his nickname she gave him years ago"it's been a few months since you called me that Fraa"

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