rocking around the Christmas tree

20 year old mother of Niall Horans' secret child wants only to make her four-year old daughters Christmas one to remember but who will remember it most after 1D come into the picture.


3. once upon a christmas eve

Chapter 3 

Once upon a Christmas eve

The boys finally show their faces



It was Christmas eve the boys showed up at my doorstep, I wasn't surprised I had been expecting them to pop their heads up sometime soon. Of course I wasn't expecting it to be at 7:30am but still. I let them in Ari was still in bed, my bed.

''So how have you been, anything changed while I was gone?"

As if on queue a sleepy Ari dressed in a Lacey pink onsie came into the living room rubbing her eyes. Nialls eyes flew straight to her in a knowing way and the other boys faces lit up as thy ran towards the surprised girl.

''Shes so cute'' I heard Louis scream as he scooped her up craddling her.

Niall walked a closer '' who is that'' he said referring to our daughter as that.

''It's our daughter'' his face turned from knowing to absolute horror, I turned away. I haven't got over him and probably never will, they say your first love stays with you forever but nialls love will last past death and into my children and my children's children.

''Why didn't you tell me.'' He went immediate from whispering to full on bawling.

''You left...'' he interrupted. 

''What the £%&* michelle that's not good enough, if I'd of known I might have...'' now it was my turn.

''Might have, niall might isn't good enough, I was pregnant do you know how hard being pregnant is you don't even consider maybe i I NEEDED you there not might NEEDED. My parents kicked me out, you had left me and the entire time all that kept me going was Ari'' 

He tried to interrupt me again

''No niall I don't want to hear it.''

I padded into my room which, living in a flat was only down the hallway. Niall, I said before drifting back to sleep.

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