rocking around the Christmas tree

20 year old mother of Niall Horans' secret child wants only to make her four-year old daughters Christmas one to remember but who will remember it most after 1D come into the picture.


2. 4 years 267 days 7 hours and counting

Chapter 2

4 years 267 days and 7 hours and counting

A phone call



Michelle's pov 

I'm not proud of what I did, no, but he left me he left his unborn child who I know he didn't know about but still. 

My phone began buzzing that's what makes you beautiful harmonizing with Ari's wails of how she had ruined the show.

''Hello'' I hadn't bothered looking at the the caller ID I was gonna pick it up anyway so who cares.

''Is this michelle ''

I could tell 'his' voice from anywhere ''hi its Niall, I just wanted to say I wanted to come round for Christmas  I know its a bit sudden but we haven't seen each other in forever so...''

I was silent, Forever was an insufficient word pregnancy feels like FOREVER especially alone forever is not 4 years 267 days 7 hours and counting its a milleniums worth of 'forever'

''Um... ok''

What am I saying what about Ari he'll know they look the same well almost. Ari has long blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes that are energetic and awake just like her fathers she dazzles above all in her class and is naturally popular and cute. Just like her father sometimes just being with her reminds me of that short time when niall was my all. It makes me want to laugh and have fun again but also scream and shout in pain of what he did...

He hung up.

That's the moment I realized that he has done it again and wrapped his fingers around my heart like I was a homeless puppy longing for a home one cold winters night. Ari, what have I done!

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