In her arms (kian lawley fanfic)

He was the bad boy,
She was the good girls,
And as we all know opposite attract


1. school... how great

Sofia's POV:

Do you ever feel like a outsider in your own world? Like a stranger in your own body? Like a prisoner in your own house? well that's me. My name is Sofia Rose Black and  my hole world changed just because of a partner in a stupid project.

It's amazing right? how a school work can flip your world upside down because of a mate, who was not willing to do the actual work, but to mess your life. I know he wasn't planing to mess his life with a person like me and I know that I wasn't planing to get into stuff that didn't include me but the heart wants what it wants...

As any other teenager, I hated walking up at 07:00 a.m. especially knowing that I was heading to school. I got out of bed sleepy as ever entering the bathroom, hopping into the shower and letting the hot water wash away the thought that today is the first day back to school. I finished my business and walked out to my bedroom, looking into my dresser for cloths. Getting in this:

I walked downstairs into the kitchen to be greeted by my mother and my younger brother Jack.

"morning" I said giving my mother and Jack a kiss on the cheek.

"good morning honey" my mom said.

"where is dad?" I asked while getting comfortable on my seat.

"he has to work early today" replied Jack

"ok, I have to go now or I will be late" I said, " bye" I shouted after getting my car keys and my bag and heading to the door.

"bye" yelled mom and Jack after me.

I walked in my car and opened the radio, and headed to school. I sang along with some songs and in no time I was in the parking lot of the school. I locked my car and went to the office to get my timetable. There were alot of new people at school this year. I reached the office and greeted Mrs. Jackson, toke my timetable and walked to homeroom. I saw my best friends Lola, Anderson, Collin and Melissa, I hugged each one of them tight with them hugging back tighter if it was even possible.

"how was your summer?"asked Melissa excited 

"good, I guess" I replied simply

"oh come on" said Collin

"I'm just saying, it wasn't that interesting" I said, "how was yours?" I asked them 

"great" replied Lola

The bell rang cutting our conversation. I had without any of my friends we said our goodbyes and Anderson walked me to me class because his class was infront of mine. I hugged him, while he whispered "good luck" in my ear knowing I hated the teacher. The first thing that caught my eye was the new kid standing beside our teacher Mr.Harrison but I just ignored it and walked to the last desk avoiding the popular group infront. I heard the kid saying some stuff about himself... and BLAH BLAH what they make you say on your first day. But the thing is, that the whole class is full and the only chair left is beside me. OK 

"ok Mr.Lawley, you can sit there beside Ms.Black." said Mr.Harrison and I was literally in danger because all the girls in the room gave me death glares. OK guys I get that he is hot and all but really, do you risk murdering me and getting into jail just because of a cute boy? please.

Mr.Harrison started teaching and I kept my attention on the lesson, but i felt someone starring at me so I turned looking at the new kid. "you know its rude to be starring at someone for long" I said trying to keep my voice low. 

Kian's POV:

I kept looking at this girl. she looked amazing, the prettiest girl I ever saw. Her hair in a messy but beautiful bun, her body was too small for this class but looked cute. I guess that I was looking for so long cause I heard her say "you know its rude to be starring at someone for long" god shit what do I say.

"sorry, can't help it" I said. ok that was kinda good, phew

"why?" she asked, really didn't she look at a mirror before school?

"cause your beautiful. My name is Kian by the way." I said while taking my hand out of my pockets and asking for a hand shake.

"Sofia, and I'm not beautiful but thanx any way" she said simply shaking my hand. is she kidding me? I thought as I was trying to take in what she just said but failing every time. I just starred in shock until she said "what?"

"are you kidding me?" I asked still in shock.

"no I'm not kidding you and I'm not pretty either!" she replied. 

what is wrong with the world? she, not pretty? come on. She is gorgeous, like an angle. And most important she was different...

After what Sofia told me, I was speechless, so I staid silent. Then something written on the board caught my eye 'semester project', it hit me, I can be her partner, then her friend, then who knows what.

"hey Sofia, do you by chance have a partner for the project? I kinda need one and I was hopping that you are my partner" I asked hoping her answer is no.

"no I don't, ya no problem partner" she said laughing lightly, GOD that laugh...

"so, I guess we can head to my house first then I will give you a ride home? ya?" I asked again. god I ask so many questions.

"ya sure" she replied. 

"good" I said and the bell rings. 

"see you later partner" she said.

"see you later partner" I said back.

*skip till the last period *

Sofia's POV:

I have music now, Mrs. Renesmee wasn't here so we were aloud to do whatever we want, so I just toke my guitar and played some random cords while thinking about Kian's reaction about me when I told him that I wasn't pretty. I know that it isn't a big deal but its just confusing.


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