In her arms (kian lawley fanfic)

He was the bad boy,
She was the good girls,
And as we all know opposite attract


2. let's say we have stuff in common

Kian's POV

I was literally going to pee my pants. I couldn't find the Music room and in my case having another strict teacher will turn this year to completely opposite of what I had in mind.

I was running one of the hallways, passing classes. Then I heard someone playing a guitar. God how good was it!! I followed the harmony which was leading me to my nightmare. I reached it and just thought about what I got myself into. God have mercy on me.

I opened the door, popping out my head, checking if the teacher was there. Lucky me, he wasn't there. But instead Sofia was there, and don't get me started on what was she doing. Playing the fucking GUITAR. God can she be more perfect!

Sofia's POV

While I was daydreaming, the door opened but I didn't give it that much of attention. After a while, I looked up and locked eyes with Kian. I smiled at him and waved him to come by my side. He returned the smile and walked to me.

"Hi there" said Kian


"So that was quite a talent you got there" said Kian

"Thank you Kian"

"So what brings you here?" I asked.

"My love for Music and my good luck" he replied.

"And why is that?" I asked again.

"Well, let's just say that seeing you instead of a pissed teacher made this class happier, although I'm wondering were is the teacher right now?" He asked.

"Why thank you, and Mrs.Renesmee has work to do. But from where did you hear about her being pissed or strict, she is not actually the opposite." I replied.

"Well by my short yet interesting experience of the school, must of my classes are fatal cases caused by evil teachers. Like seriously, I almost peed my pants just thinking of them. They are quite different from all the other strict ones in my past." He said.

"Well I think that you just have to go with it like it is" I said.

"I think so too" he replied.

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