Hurricane Katrina

How would you feel in a hurricane? What would you see?


1. Katrina

A faint sound of a cry bristles over the wind,

Sirens far in the distance but none close, none to be reached.

The wind howls and bangs against the windows

Shaking the walls,

Ripping old trees straight


Of the ground.

“Bang bang” goes the glass door as it is shredded.

Pieces, and people crawl in basements to hide from the sound

Of the wind and water ripping apart their homes;

Floods overhead --

People huddle for warmth in small rescue camps

Watching and waiting for this storm to end.

As long as the sun rises tomorrow all will be okay.


Turns to night.


Turns to morning but the storm has raged on,

Pouring down with glass, bricks, wood, mud and rain,

Polluting the system of water, making it tainted

And unsafe to drink.  People

Suffer everywhere;

Loved ones being split up.

Loved ones being lost.

People’s cries sounding faint,

Telephone poles being shredded

and ripped,

Electrical current still running through, causing a fire in the oil.  Polluted


Hurricane Katrina managed to bring

Destruction to most places,

Most worse then the last.

It was a war

Fought between

The nature of destruction

And the nature of reformation.

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