Love from far away


1. moving day?

"Tori wake up now or your gonna be late for school"my mom said.Ok mom I'll be down there in a minute

I get my clothes out which is a Marilyn Monroe crop shirt with black jeans and my white converses.i go brush my teeth take a shower and put my clothes on. I go down stairs to get a piece of toast and then hug my mom to tell her bye

Just to give you info about me I'm 17 I have 2 best friends name jack and Lisa there both my age. I have brown flowey hair I'm 5'5 (short lol I know)and I have a boyfriend named Marc.

I walked to my school which is Sherlock high and walk in to see Marc he waves to me and kisses me on my cheek. "Can I come over and we can watch a movie". He said "sure come around 6:30"."ok I'll be there". He goes to his class and I go to mine which Is math my favorite subject.

The teacher talks about intercepting slopes and all that the bell rings and I go to my next class that I have with jack and Lisa.


I unlock my door to walk in and I see my mom looking at some papers "are u alright mom are you struggling with the bills again". Yeah Hun this is to much without your father here".(he died in the war last year it was really devastating for me and my mom).

"I think we're gonna have to move Hun because I can't do this alone".

Wait what we have to move but mom I understand that but mom I have friends and a great boyfriend. You will make friends at your new school and you would Probley get a boyfriend but right now you'll live. And I would start packing because I've been looking for have three days.and we're moving to Sydney Australia.

This kinda seems lame to me but if u like it u can comment by the way this is my first book.-zahbria

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