den er på engelsk.
handler om en dreng der mister sin mor, og må stå på egne ben. han prøver desperat at finde hans far.
Edward 1. der kommer en 2'er og 3'er, hvis i synes godt om det:)


1. Edward

~~Hello, my name is Edward Filler Stone. I am 12 years old, and live in a little cottage by myself. My mother passed away when I was six, because she was very old and sick. We got a house, but I was out on the street. Because I had no parents, to pay the house rent. I never met my dad before. However, I know that he lived in the town.~~ I found this empty cottage, when I was looking for a place to sleep. I started to clean it up. I could see that it had been empty for a long time. I looked around, and I tried to make it look like a home. It was a little creepy, the thought of, that I have to live in a forest. I have never been so alone. The whole world felled very empty. I laid down on the ground, Looked up at the clear sky, Sound of the insects. I tried to think of my father, my father that I’ve never met.
Next morning I tried to search for food. Important, if I wanted to live. Really, I actually did not want to live. Not in this empty world, the bad big world. I wanted to live in happy adventure. A world with good fairies, and happy peoples. Peoples who want to take care of me.
I searched for some animals in the forest. Suddenly I saw a huge deer. I got a kind of hammer. I didn’t know how to kill it. However, I just do it from my feelings. The feeling that I have to eat something. The feeling that I have to make my mom proud. I hid behind a tree. Ran fast towards the beer, and knock the hammer right in its head. It felled slowly down on the ground.
I cut’s it in some slices. Just like, I saw it on TV. Animal planet. My mom’s favorite channel. I took a deep breath. I got a bonfire next to my cottage. Hang the meat above the bonfire, so it could be eaten. I was hungry. If it was winter, I would already be dead.
I was hurry to eat it, and drank water from the bottle, that had been out when it rained. The sun shined so bright, actually, it was beautiful to live here. I took my bag and goes out to the road. It took long time, maybe an hour.  It was long time ago, I’ve see the real life.
I ran to the nearest telephone house, and tried to search for my dad. I knew that he had the same past name, like my mom told me. I asked them to search for Filler Stone. A woman searched and found five nearest, who had that past name. There was many people, but she toke only the nearest.  She gave me a paper, so I could find him. Very fast, did I sat on the bench. My eyes almost exploded, and my heart knocked fast. The first one was; David Filler Stone. He Lives in the city, 5 kilometers from where I am standing.
My hands is shaking, I was very surprised. I am hoping for that, is him that is my father. I have to try, because I need to see my dad. However, I will need some money to take the bus. Alternatively, if I could find a good friend, he could help me. That was a good idea.

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