Where do Broken Hearts Go ?

Avery Bennett is a junior in high school and has gone through a lot of break-ups with few friends for support. Her parents split up 3 months ago and mostly spends time with her Dad. Avery discovers that there are some new hot senior boys (Hint: boys of One Direction?) at her school, turns out they use girls for there attractiveness. Avery tries to stay out of it but gets pulled into the situation. What's gonna happen to her? Read to find out!


1. Get to know me :)

Hi I'm Avery Bennet and I'm a junior in high school. I am 16 and will be 17 in April. I have two really great friends that I'm always hanging out with at school. My High school name is a bit odd. The high school I attend is called "London High". Anyway, I live with my dad who works all the time so I'm usually home alone taking care of my little 4 year old sister. My Parents had split up 3 months before we moved to the London area in the UK. The only reason my little sister and I have to live with my dad is because my mum claims she's constantly busy and doesn't want anything to do with me. My little sisters name is Emily. Emily has an anxiety disorder so I always have to watch out for her because when my dads actually home, he barely pays any attention to her except for when it's bedtime my dad has to put her to bed. My dads house was built so Emily's room was right across the hall from my bedroom so sometimes I have to go check up on her. Every morning my father makes us breakfast, makes sure we're both ready for school, then he sends me (Avery) and my little 4 year old sister on the morning bus to school. Every morning on the bus I sit next to my little sister to protect her incase any other little kids pick on her or hurt her. I'm there for her always. My little sister is in kindergarten so when the bus stops in front of her school I look out the bus window to make sure her teacher gets her into school. Usually when I get off the bus in the morning I get shoved off from these two bullies on the bus then make fun of me at school. This is the second time my family has had to move and the second time my sister and I have had to switch schools because of all these problems.

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