Good Girls

Jasmine Rodriguez is your average goody two shoes. Smart, cute, and well, a nerd, nobody would ever believe you if you said something bad about her. But everyone has their secrets. And Jasmine has more than she would care to admit.


1. 1

"Ummm..." I begin, my mouth open wide as I stare at the man before me.

I decide being angry would be the best way to get him to leave. Anything to get him to leave. "What are you doing here?!" I hiss.

He rolls his eyes. "Jaz, you know exactly why I'm here... Take a chill pill."

"No Ashton! Leave! And don't call me Jaz!" I snap.

He rolls his eyes again. "C'mon Jazzy...."

"No! Ashton seriously my mom is upstairs and if she sees me talking to you she'll have my head!"

"Yeah okay I'll go...." He huffs. He looks thoroughly pissed now.

Before he hops off my porch and begins to walk again, I call after him.

"Don't you dare go ruin another girls life. You aren't a good person to hang around with." I smirk.

"You ain't no good girl either." At that he turns and walks away, leaving me befuddled.

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