God damn luke hemmings

When there's a transfer student at their school and Luke starts falling for her but it turns out it's his best friends cousin


1. 😁😁😁

I just wanna die lala said

Why is that

Kaylee you don't get it angel is not the one for me he's just not the one

I know how you feel that's how I feel about Vincent

Dude really you broke up with him 2 months ago

Lol your right hold on listen

Omg it's good girls by 5sos

Yeah my cousin is such a great drummer

I know I can't wait to go to Australasia with you for our senior year

I have a thing for one of them

Who 😱 tell me please😫😩

Of course but it's luke

Omg he's a babe


He's like so to die for

Lol we'll dude ima like click I'll see you tomorrow so we could leave to the airport and go with ash

Lol good night

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