||Blank Space|| a.i.

*In the words of Taylor Swift's song Blank Space*
You're just as big as Taylor Swift. She has many exes and they all say she's insane. But not to Ashton Irwin. At least not to him for now. Her only worry is that he will cheat on her. Or dump her like all the others did. They are both young. Your only 19 and Ashton 20. They may take it way too far. It may end in flames. Lies and rumors may end their relationship. Is going to be forever? Or will it end in flames?


1. "Nice to meet you, where you been?"

y/n POV



I absolutely love 5SOS. Especially Ashton Irwin.

Today they are having a concert in my hometown. I have tickets but they are on the side of the stage. But right now I'm headed to Starbucks since it's Friday and I get Starbucks after school.

I walked in and smelled the strong scent of coffee. I hopped in line and waited patiently.

When I got up to the cashier I told him I wanted a grande Mocha Cookie Crumble with coffee. I then paid and sat down to wait. I connected to their wifi and got on Twitter. Ashton had tweeted about going to get coffee with the guys. Nothing special. I heard my name being called so I got up to grab when someone ran into me.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" I said looking up at the person who knocked me over.

'I'm so sorry!! Here let me help you." the stranger said while sticking his hand out. I took it and he helped me up.

"It's alright." I mumbled and grabbed my drink and walked out. I was about twenty feet away from the place when I heard someone yelling.

"Hey!! Wait up!!" That stranger ran up to me.

"I'm Ashton!" he said pulling his hood down and his sunglasses off.

"Or should I say; Nice to meet you! Where have you been all my life beautiful." he said winking at me.

I almost choked on my drink.

The Ashton Irwin was standing right in front of me. Flirting with me!

"Um I'm y/n." I said staring at my drink.

"Well here is my number and call me later will ya?" he said while writing his number on my arm.

"Yeah. Will do." I said trying to not freak out.

"Before I go, do you know who I am?" he said looking at me.

"No." I lied.

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