My Brothers Best-friend And My Lover

hey this is my first story but here's what its about. sorry if its like anyone else's
Luna is Luke Hemming's sister but she was living in England for 6 years of her life with her Aunt. She is 19 years old, has dyed her hair Dark Red . She loves bands but see what happens when she starts to love one of her brothers best friends.


7. The Question

-Luna’s P.O.V- I was listening to Michael talk about some things, while I anxiously waited for Beau and the guys. “And the girl was like”I have a girlfriend.”Dude’s that hurt-” Michael got cut off by a knock on the door.”That’s Beau and the guys.”I answered standing up,I immediately felt butterflies as I opened the door and saw Beau.”Hey, Luna.How’s life going?”Skip asked as he hugged me.”Skip, I saw you guys days ago.”I answered giggling.”We missed you though.”Jai answered hugging me.I smiled sheepishly feeling blush paint itself on me face.”MY TURN TO HUG HER!”Beau scolded playfully hugging me and planting a kiss on my cheek.James and Luke waved as they smiled and stood there doing nothing.”Oh,guys.This are my brother’s friends,they happen to be in the same band.This is Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton.”I answered introducing them.”Nice to meet you guys.”They answered in unison as they shook hands.”Let’s go to a room guys.Luke please don't be loud we have to catch up”I answered looking at Luke with big pleading eyes.”No problem sis.”He answered. I smiled and lead the guys to the room. ******************************************************************************************************** -Ashtons P.O.V-(P.O.V special)- I saw Luna walk upstairs with the guys.I was jealous, I really was how could she just get 5 guys into her room and forget about me.”OMG,Beau stop!”I heard Luna yell as I heard that wonderful laugh of her’s.I hated this Beau guy, could he not see I was in love with her? ************************************************************************************************ -Luna’s P.O.V- “OMG,Beau stop!”I answered laughing watching Beau stuff his mouth and nose with a bunch of Lucky Charms we had found.”Beau,seriously stop.It could go down your nose.”I answered.Grabbing him some napkins.”I could have stuffed my nose, but Luna loves me so much, she didn’t want me to get hurt.”Beau answered smiling and winking at me,the guys laughed.I smiled and nodded, “Yes I do love you Beau.”I answered.It was half true I mean I loved him and Ashton.I just couldn’t deny it.”Luna, may I talk to you in private?”Beau asked as soon as I finished my sentence.I nodded as my eyebrows knit in confusion.I opened a door which happened to be a walk in closet.”So what do you want to say-”I was cut off by Beau’s lips colliding with mine.I opened my eyes widely but reacted.”What was that for?”I asked when he pulled away.He held ”Luna,I want you to be my girlfriend, today , tomorrow and forever.”Beau exclaimed getting closer to me. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (A/N)Lolly updated here XD hope yhu guys liked it.I got the idea of Beau from Caitlin. Comment what you think and we hope to update soon Love y'all.

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