My Brothers Best-friend And My Lover

hey this is my first story but here's what its about. sorry if its like anyone else's
Luna is Luke Hemming's sister but she was living in England for 6 years of her life with her Aunt. She is 19 years old, has dyed her hair Dark Red . She loves bands but see what happens when she starts to love one of her brothers best friends.


19. packing up part 2

Luna P.O.V.

Before everyone got back I wrote everyone even the girls and July a note. Basically saying sorry for leaving again but I cant stay here I am a disgrace to everyone here. Also thanks for being great friends. For Julys I put more meaning into it saying im sorry for everything that I did to her. With that I left to the airport, I was halfway down the road when I saw everyone get into the house. So, I speeded up to the airport before they saw me.


Lollys P.O.V

When we all go inside from going to the arcade it was silent. Luke kept on calling for Luna, but, she wouldn't answer. So, we all thought oh maybe she went out since she was in the house alone and she could be out with Beau. But, I could tell something was wrong when Luke came down crying. "Hey, babe what's wrong?" I said trying to comfort him.

" Luna left again." He said crying again. Why would she leave again? Luke handed us all notes mine said to take care of Luke and thanks for being a good friend.


July P.O.V

Everyone was so upset when Luke said that Luna left. My note said that she's sorry for everything that she's done to me and to hold on to Ashton. Everyone's went around saying what she said. Leslies said that it was great knowing her and to also help watch out for Ashton since they were friends since pre-school. Jessica and Taylors said to say sorry to beau for her.

Taylas said to stay spunky and to always be together with Louis cause they make such a cute they make. The last note for the girls was Tay's note. It said that shes sorry for not getting to know her better but she was always nice and caring. Last but not least was the boys but they all said to follow their dreams and not to go after her till all of them are accomplished. At the end of the notes everyone especially was crying thinking why did she leave?


Hey, this is Caitlin. This is the last chapter for the book:( But we are making a sequel, if you want one.  



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