My Brothers Best-friend And My Lover

hey this is my first story but here's what its about. sorry if its like anyone else's
Luna is Luke Hemming's sister but she was living in England for 6 years of her life with her Aunt. She is 19 years old, has dyed her hair Dark Red . She loves bands but see what happens when she starts to love one of her brothers best friends.


9. jealousy and the other girls

Just as we were about to play truth or dare until the door bell rang. I got up to go see who it was, I opened the door and saw three girls. Just as I was about to ask who they were Niall said" C'mon in we were just about to play truth or dare!" One of them sat by Luke brooks and another sat by Jai. The last one sat by Niall, I thought ALL THE GIRLS HERE ARE SO PRETTY!

The one by Luke Brooks said" Hi, im Jessica, Luke is my boyfriend." She has blue blond and brown hair that's straight and she has blue and green eyes." I like to skateboard and listen to music, also Taylor is my sister, and I love to dye my hair ." Jessica said. Next, the girl by Jai said" Im Taylor and im Jessica's sister but Jai's girlfriend." She has brown hair with blond tips her hair is curly and she has brown eyes.

"I also like to skateboard and listen to music." Taylor said. The last girl that was by Niall said" Im Taylor but you can call me Tay, I am Nialls girlfriends." She has long blonde hair, blue-green eyes and is slim." LETS PLAY THE GAME PEASANTS!" Louis yelled again but this time in Liam's ear. 

We started to play truth or dare and they all picked dare. They were crazy and embarrassing like Niall had to go next door and ask for some sugar, naked. But, now its my turn to pick truth or dare "truth" I said.So, Skip asked me" Is it true you and Beau are dating?" I hesitated a little bit but then I said" yes its true, me and Beau are dating."

Once I said that Ashton ran upstairs angrily and slams the door." Im going to go check up on him." Leslie said running upstairs.


Ashtons p.o.v

As soon as Luna said that she was dating Beau I was mad and sad. I guess this is jealousy, I don't like it. So, I ran up stair into my room. I heard the door knock and I looked to see Leslie."Hey, why did you run off like that?" I guess I never told her about how I like Luna.

"Well I kind of like Luna." I said lowly. "Since when?" She asked. "Since she was 12" I said sadly. I then thought of an idea of how to see if she likes me. I could make her jealous by...

Just as I was about to tell Leslie my idea Lolly came in. "Hey are you ok I saw you run upstairs and you weren't coming down. So, I came to come check up on you." She said with a worried face. "Ya, im fine, ill be right down" I said. Lie I thought. Just as I went downstairs I got a call.


Hey its Caitlin. Who do you think called??


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