My Brothers Best-friend And My Lover

hey this is my first story but here's what its about. sorry if its like anyone else's
Luna is Luke Hemming's sister but she was living in England for 6 years of her life with her Aunt. She is 19 years old, has dyed her hair Dark Red . She loves bands but see what happens when she starts to love one of her brothers best friends.


17. First dates part 2 and fights

Luna POV

No, no, no this can not happen im trying to get over Ashton. Not watch him with another girl, Me and Beau went to our seats that was a couple rows back from Ashton and July. Through out the movie I kept on looking at Ashton. By the time it was over I was close to tears cause of looking at them. Me and Beau exited the movie theater in complete silence.

I finally spoke up "It was a good movie wasn't it?" Beau still ignored me, "Ok, why are you ignoring me?" I said starting to get angry. "Why am I angry, umm, lets see CAUSE THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME YOU WERE STARING AT ASHTON!" Beau said furious. Fudge, he caught me..... "AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!" Beau kept on yelling at me.

I had enough of the yelling, so, I yelled back "TAKE ME HOME CAUSE I WILL NOT HAVE YOU YELLING AT ME!" "FINE! I WAS TAKING YOU HOME ANY WAS!" Beau said. I started to silently cry, when we got to the house. I ran out the car and slammed all the doors in my way and ignored all the protesting. When I got to my room, I went to my bed and just cried. I ended up texting Beau:

Me- I cant do this anymore we are through

Beau-Wait, what please don't leave

Me- I have to

Beau- can we still be friends?

me- ya

With that I decided that I want to go back home to New England and to Aunt Katrina.

        Hey its Caitlin, what do you think? sorry if its short.




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