My Brothers Best-friend And My Lover

hey this is my first story but here's what its about. sorry if its like anyone else's
Luna is Luke Hemming's sister but she was living in England for 6 years of her life with her Aunt. She is 19 years old, has dyed her hair Dark Red . She loves bands but see what happens when she starts to love one of her brothers best friends.


1. before

 I remember walking past my parents room when I was 13 cause I got sent home from school from getting into a fight. "Liz, Luna is getting into to much trouble we need to do something about it." my dad said. " What else is there to do we can always send her off to live with your sister ,but, then she would hate us and I don't want my little girl to hate me." my mom said That was then when I stormed into the room and their faces were filled with shock. "Hun, how much did you hear?" my father said "OH JUST ENOUGH THAT YOU WANT TO SEND ME OFF TO AUNTIES!" I said fuming

"No, Luna your hearing us wrong it was just a suggestion." my mom said to try to calm me down. "NO YOU WANT ME TO GO TO AUNTIES I WILL JUST LET ME GO PACK, AND DONT EVEN BOTHER CALLING ME OR EVEN VISITING ME CAUSE I DONT WANT YOU TO, AND also tell Luke we will meet again maybe when I get older." I said calming down when I talked about Luke. Luke is my older brother by two years, he loves to play the guitar. He is my role model he taught me how to play the guitar when I was 11. We were always close ,so, it was painful to leave him.

As I ran upstairs I was crying thinking how could they do this or even think this?  After I packed my room up I went to Luke's room and wrote a letter to him; Dear Luke, when you get this your probably be back from school and wonder where I am. Well by the time you get this I would be on my way to aunties. I will always love you and I hope to see you in the future when I get older. Take care of yourself and be who you want to be. Love, Luna

I put it on his bed as I walked out, I started to walk down the sidewalk as I heard 4 teenage boy I looked back and saw Luke and his friends. I put up my hood and called a cab, from there I went to the airport and as I aborted a plane to New England I wonder what was happening at home.


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