Don't Be Too Surprised Styles .

"Oh please. Dont make me laugh. You actually thought I wanted you? Your such a fool Styles. But your more than welcome to swing by anytime you want some action."


2. t w o

          Juliana's Pov;

   I woke up to the sound of water running. I looked over and checked the time 6:27 am 

  I groaned getting up and walking towards my closet. I looked through the racks deciding on what to wear. After a couple of minutes I chose with my black ripped skinny jeans, my boots, grey Nirvana t-shirt and my hat. 

     I curled the tips of my hair and placed my hat. I heard the water stop and after a while Ashton came out with a towel wrapped around. I walked into the bathroom applying my foundation, mascara, eyeliner, bronze and a bit of blush. I walked out happy with the results and saw Ash sitting on the bed with his black ripped skinny jeans and his Led Zepplin T-shirt. 

      "Hey should I go with plum lips or just natural?" I asked him pulling out the two lipsticks. 

       "Plum would look good on you especially with that outfit." He said    

    I nodded and started applying the lipstick. I grabbed my Jansport from the floor and swinged  it over my shoulders. 

        "Ready?" I asked Ashton as I made sure my hat was on correctly. He grabbed his IPhone from the night stand and nodded his head. We walked downstairs as I grabbed the keys and we walked out the door. 

      "Here. Im too tired to drive." I said throwing him the keys.

          "When aren't you tired?" He asked with a chuckle. 

     "Hush Irwin." I said playfully. 

      We got inside the car and I grabbed my IPhone from the cup holder.

   "My baby!" I yelled turning it on. 

   I grabbed the cord connected to the stereo and connected it to my phone. I put "Come As You Are" by Nirvana.

      Ash smirked and pulled the volume high as we rolled down the windows.

     We sang along to the words all the way to school. Screaming at the top of our lungs. Everyone looked over towards our direction and started walking fast into the school. I dont see why they were so afraid of us. Ash noticed and laughed.

     We parked the car taking up 2 parking spots cause yanno we were having fun. We got out of the car locking it and Ash handed me the keys. 

       "C'mon" I said pulling him. "Im hungry!" I yelled. 

       People made space for us to walk by. I smirked at them and they all looked down. 

     "Check it out." I said pointing towards Harry with my smirk still on my face. Ash smirked as we made our way towards him. 

        "Hey nerd!" I yelled. He turned around frightened ready to walk away but I pulled him back towards us. 

        "Why in such a rush?" I asked with a grin. He looked around nervously not looking me in the eyes.

         "Hey! Look me in the eyes when I talk to you!" I said pushing him hard making him loose his balance and trip over his own feet and fall behind the brick wall. 

       Me and Ash couldn't control ourselves and we burst into laughter.   "Your so pathetic." I said kicking him and spitting on him. 


      We walked away and walked into the cafeteria. We got in line grabbing our brekfast and walking towards our table where the other guys were at. 

       "Sup." I said setting my tray down in front of them. Everyone exchanged "Sups" To one another as we sat down and ate. 

     "So? How was the club?" Liam asked Zayn

      "It was so sick dude. Nice hot girls with fine asses and huge tits. You gotta go next time with me." Zayn exclaimed. 

     I chuckled "Why wasn't I invited. I need to find new victims." I said with a grin

         "Sorry Juliana. You were on that mission for Danny. Didn't wanna bother you." He said 

     I nodded my head. "Did he pay you?" Louis asked. 

        "No, but im swinging by again today to get the rest. If I dont get it then im pulling the trigger." I said taking a bite out of my bagel.

        The boys nodded. "Where's Niall?" Ash asked

     Zayn pointed towards the door. "He's getting at the cheerleaders." I turned my head and I seen him push a blonde cheerleader against the wall and he slipped him fingers underneath her skirt. 

        "Ahh, I see classical Nialler." I said sipping onto my Orange Juice.


          "Zayn, hows the plan going with Jermiah?" Ash asked

   "Im not sure yet. Haven't heard a word from them since they left. Its starting to get me suspicious, they're never this quiet." Zayn said.

     "Yea your right. They're always up to something and this time its too quiet. We needa do something about it fast before someone else dies again." I said 

    "Well how about we all meet up at your today round 8 and train." Louis insisted. 

     "Yea totally fine with me. Im just gunna get the money and head home." I said 

        "Alright its settled then. What about Niall?" Liam asked. I turned around and Niall was with another girl. 

    "I'll take him with me to get the money and we'll head home together." I said 

      They nodded their heads and the bell rang. Great . 

    We waited on Niall and when he came we walked to our first class. Pe. Its not that bad, I have all the guys in my class and we dont do shit. 

       We walked into the Gym shoving people out of our way. We climbed up the bleachers and sat at the top talking. 

        I zoned out looking around and just thinking. Thinking about the guys. They're the only family I have. Im a runaway and they've helped me. I know I have some bad habits like one night stands, drinking too much, being a pot head, being a drug dealer. But honestly I'd rather live this way then to be dead. They practically saved me. 

    "Juliana?" Niall asked. 

     I snapped my head towards his direction. How'd they end up at the bottom of the bleachers?

    "We're ditching. You coming?" He asked 

      I nodded my head standing up and walking over to him and the guys. 

          "We called your name billions of times and you didnt listen. Are you okay?" Liam asked. 

       "Im fine. I was just thinking." I said. 

  "Anyways, where we gunna go? Mines right ? Well whatever we're heading to my flat." I said pulling out my keys. 

        We walked out and we all walked towards our cars. Ash , Niall , and Zayn having to come in mines cause they came walking besides Ash. 

      I plugged in my phone and played Arctic Monkeys. 

     I turned on the ignition and sped off to my house. The other guys were in the car behind us with their music blaring. I chuckled and as I seen my flat come to view something was looking wrong. 

     "Call Liam tell him to stop his car! Now!" I yelled. Niall did as told and I came to a sudden stop making sure my flat was still in view. 

          Liams car stopped behind mines and I looked out the window and Liam had a confused look on his face. 

        "Dont get out of the car. Whatever you do stay in here and Ash you take off and take the boys to Liams house." I demanded popping the trunk open and stepping out. Ash stepped out as well. 

     "What the hell is going on?! Why'd we stop!" Liam asked stepping out of his car pisssed. I shot him a glare. "Shut the fuck up and take the guys to your house. Ash will drive behind you. Make a U turn right here dont go down my street." I insisted pulling out 2 guns and a knife. 

       "What the fuck are you doing?" Ash asked as I pulled out my rifle and clicked it making sure its ready to shoot. Thank god I lived in the woods so its difficult to hear things out here. No matter how loud.

       "Someones inside my house. Now leave!" I said pushing Ash into the car.  

          "Are you crazy!? One against who knows how many?! Juliana your stupid if we're letting you out alone." Ash yelled as I shoved him into the drivers seat. 

        "Relax. Im Juliana. Bitches wont do shit." I smirked walking off. I heard the guys yell and I booked it into the woods. I slowed down once my house was in full view. There was 2 black on black fords with 5 guys around the house with guns. 

     I lifted up my rifle pointing it towards one guy ready to shoot when I heard a loud gun shot. I looked up quickly seeing all 5 guys on the ground. I panicked looking around as I heard the familiar laughters. 

           "Dipshits!" I yelled once they came into view.

    "I told you idiots to leave!" I yelled as they walked towards my house. Niall and Louis searched the cars while the rest walked into the house. We looked around and nothing. Not even a sound. 

         "I think someone sent them here first in case we showed up, and probably they're boss was gunna arrive in a bit so we dont shoot him" Zayn said. 

    "Your right, go take off those suits from the guys you shot and wear them. Stand out there act like your his guards and I'll be up stairs looking out the window with my rifle ready to shoot."  I said 


   "Me, Niall , Ash, Louis , Liam are gunna put them on." Zayn said

      "Alright just be careful and dump the bodies down the sewer where the rest lie." I said

  We all went out separate directions and got into positions. I was at the top of the attic with my rifle in my arms. The tip of the rifle slightly sticking out the window ready to shoot.

     "Ready?" I yelled 

    The guys whispered a couple of yes and now we just waited until out bait arrived. I looked around everywhere trying to find a sight of something then a black porche came into view. I steadied myself ready to aim. 

     The porche stopped in the driveway and the guy nodded towards the guys. "Shit." I heard Zayn curse. 

     I looked around trying to figure out what he was referring to but  couldnt make out anything. The guy stepped out of the porche revealing dirty converse , tight black skinny jeans, a ramones t-shirt , and curly hair in a quiff. I studied the guys move. The way he walked and his facial expressions. 

    He had black ray band glasses on and when he took them off i gasped making him look up into my direction confused. 

    Shit. No it cant be him. What the fuck is he doing here!? It was Harry the stupid nerd from school. I looked back out the window and saw him with a gun pointed towards me. I pulled the trigger and let the bullet work its magic. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could once I heard the guys yell. 

      "RUN JULIANA!" They yelled. I didnt listen and ran towards them. They were all on the ground with guards around them with their guns pointed at their heads. 

     "Let them fucking go!" I spat through clenched  teeth. Harry chuckled clearly amused 

      "Or else? You'll call me a nerd? Push me around? Juliana your stupid. You know that." He said lifting up my chin. I smacked his arm away with my pistol  and pointed it towards him. 

   The guards loaded there guns and pointed there second gun at me. I chuckled with a grin plastered on my face. 

      "Oh . you find this amusing?" Harry asked with a smirk. 

     "Indeed I do Styles. You see I know it one against 6 but you see I'll have you all down in a poof." I said smirking. 


     "Mmm sure okay. Listen Juliana. My dear that isnt gunna happen today. We clearly won. You stand no chance. We've been after you and your friends for a long time making sure our plan would work out. And it finally has." Harry said pulling the trigger and shooting me on my left leg. 

    I fell to my knees in a matter of seconds followed by my scream. "JULIANA!" Ash yelled trying to stand up. 

   I put my hand in the air making him shut up. "Stay the fuck down Ash. Im fine idiot." I said in pain. Clearly i wasnt fine but I wont show mercy. 

    I tried standing up but the pain made me lay back down. I heard Harry's chuckle. 

     "Get the duck tape and throw them in." Harry said as more guards came out with the materials. 

      "And here a little surprise for you." Harry said walking towards me with a white cloth. I was too exhausted to fight. I gave in and let the alcohol drug me, and i was gone. 















































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