Don't Be Too Surprised Styles .

"Oh please. Dont make me laugh. You actually thought I wanted you? Your such a fool Styles. But your more than welcome to swing by anytime you want some action."


3. t h r e e

                   Juliana's Pov;

    I woke up to the sound of someone cursing over and over. I opened my eyes and let them adjust to the light. I groaned in pain trying to touch my forehead but couldnt. I looked down and i was tied against a pole. 

      "She's up! Are you okay?" Ash yelled. I turned around and saw him and the boys tied as well but each of us in front of one another. 

        "Im fine just a little headache. How you guys holding up?" I asked them. They all smiled at me.

     "Oh you know Juliana, we're fine. We're not bleeding and we're not bruised." Louis said sarcastically. 

   "Sorry.." I mumbled, "So? How are we planning on getting out of here?" I asked resting my head against the pole. 

       "While you were knocked out we noticed there's an exit right behind you but we'd have to break that chain." Zayn said calmly. 

      I looked behind me and studied the door with the huge chain. 

    "How do you know that door doesn't lead you to a room with the guys?" I asked looking around.

      "We dont, we'll figure it out once we break in there." He replied shrugging. 

    "Alright. Well it all depends where we're at. Attic or basement?" I ask looking at Zayn

        "Basement." He said smugly. 

   "Good, that means when we open that door it'll have stairs going up and they'll me a door and when you push open that door we'll be outside." I said

     The boys faces lit up right when I said that and they started talking. 

    "Shi-t!" I yelled. The boys snapped their heads towards my direction and hushed me and pointed up. 

        I heard footsteps when Ash asked "What?" I looked at him "The money! That I have to pick up. I need to get it today." I whispered. 

     He looked at shocked. "Shit I forgot about that. What are you gunna do?" He asked. 

       "Ima get the hell outta here and get that money." I said trying to reach my hand inside my boot. They boys looked at me with grins plastered on their faces. 

        "You have the pocket knife?" Liam whispered. 

     "I always bring one. Never know when one will come in handy." I said pulling it out and trying to cut off the rope from my hands. 

       The door slammed open making us all look up. The boys looked at me telling me to continue. I nodded my head and kept on cutting. 

      "How many times do I have to come down her and tell you guys to shu-" Harry started talking, "oh your finally awake. Glad you finally decided to join us." He said smirking at me. 

     "Shut the fuck up." I spat. 

       Just as he raised his hand in the air ready to hit me a sharp pain shot through my arm. "SHIT!" I yelled cursing while biting onto my bottom lip. They boys including Harry looked at me confused. 

      I felt the blood dripping down my arm , stinging really badly. Harry noticed and walked behind me. I heard him chuckle and he snatched the knife from me. 

     He shut up quickly and felt him untying my arms and legs. "What are you doing?" I asked him as he helped me up to my feet. 

        "You cut yourself pretty deep. Im taking you to the hospital to get it stitched up. What the fuck do you think im doing bitch.?" He spat in my face. 

       I looked at him confused as hell but didn't question him instead I followed him out the back door me and the guys were planning on escaping from. I noticed it had a combination code and saw that it was 6666 . I smirked and turned around giving the boys a little nod and the door opened revealing the stairs. 

     We walked up the stairs and Harry pushed the second door and we walked  out. Harry grabbed my arm tightly and I jerked my arm away from him. 

       "Dont fucking touch me." I said studying my injured wrist. He looked at me his green eyes full of anger and fear. I smirked noticing his fear towards me and we walked to his porche. I opened the door and sat inside followed along by him sitting in the drivers seat. 

     He started the car and we took off heading towards the hospital. 

       "Uhm do you think I can borrow your phone to call my boss?" I asked him. 

     "How do I know you wont call the cops? Or your family?" Harry asked looking at the mirror.

        I groaned. "For fucks sake Harry! Give me your damn phone!" I yelled getting irritated. 

   He looked annoyed as he handed me his phone and I quickly dialed Dannys number and placed the phone on my ear. 

   Danny- "Danny. What do you want?"

   Juliana- "Danny, it's Juliana. Uhm im kinda busy and I dont think I can make it to pick up the money today." 

   Danny- "No you cant! You have to go and get the money the boys aren't here and I can only count on you. Your getting me that 5 grand. End of story." 

       "FUCK!" I yelled as he clicked the phone. I gave Harry his phone and burried my face in my hands. 

      "Whats up with you?" He asked. I looked at him and sighed. 

   "Business." I replied looking out the window. 

     "Like?" Harry asked. 

   I looked at him and he looked at me, "I have to pick up 5 grand from this guy I beat up yesterday." I explained. 

       Harry stopped the car and took alcohol and bandages out from the back seat. He handed them to me and I looked at him. 

      "You fix yourself up and tell me how to get to this guys house so we can get the money." He said as I opened the alcohol. 

    "Well from here take a right, go straight down and when Ralems comes to view make a left and its gunna be the house with a trailor  parked in the driveway." I explained as I started curing my wound.

   Harry nodded his head and started driving. Why is he helping me all of a sudden? If he thinks he's getting half of the money then he's screwed. I wont give him shit. I wrapped the bandage around my wrist and rested my head against the seat. 

    After a couple of minutes of driving Harry parked in front of the house and we both walked out. "Hey this is business between me and my client." I said pushing him aside.

        "What if he hurts you idiot?" Harry asked. I laughed. 

    "Oh please. He knows not to hurt me." I said walking towards the door. Harry chuckled. "Either way im still coming. Gotta make sure you wont escape." He said with a grin. 

    I rolled my eyes and opened the door. I heard the click of a gun and I looked straight and Nick stood there with a rifle pointed towards my head. 

        I chuckled and looked at him dead in the eye "C'mon pull the trigger Nick I dare you." I whispered 












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