Don't Be Too Surprised Styles .

"Oh please. Dont make me laugh. You actually thought I wanted you? Your such a fool Styles. But your more than welcome to swing by anytime you want some action."


6. s i x

                      Harry's Pov;

     Juliana ran out the cafeteria and I shot Louis a glare. He looked down ashamed of himself.

  "Take care of Amelia, Niall." I said sternly and got up jogging towards the exit. 

         I looked through the halls frantically trying to find her. I heard a door open and Juliana stood there with big puffy red eyes and makeup smeared. I felt happy that she was upset yet it tore me to pieces seeing her like this. 

    She looked at me and quickly looked away trying to hide the fact that she was crying. I slowly walked up to her, "Come here." I said reaching my arms out to her.

    She nodded her head no. I placed my hands on her shoulder and she quickly jerked away. 

     "I won't hurt you Juliana. Come here." I said once again I spread out my arms and she looked at me with tears running down her face. 

     I grabbed her from the waist and kissed her passionately. Sparks flew everywhere and I smiled between the kiss when she started kissing back and tugged onto my hair.

     "Juliana I really like you. You're the most amazing girl I've ever met." I said

      "I can't" She said.

   I looked at her with a frown, "What do you mean you can't?" I asked her.

    "THIS!" She yelled with tears in her eyes. 

  "I thought you liked it?" I asked her.

   She looked at me angry and shook her head no. 

    "You know what. Fuck you Juliana. I thought maybe we could start something but obviously fucking not!" I spat.

   She smirked at me as I looked at her in disgust, "Oh please. Dont make me laugh. You actually thought I wanted you? Your such a fool Styles. But your more than welcome to swing by anytime you want some action." She said  with that stupid smirk still on her face. 

       "I hope you fucking die." I spat. 

    She looked at me hurt and tears ran down her countless times.

  I soon regretted my words, "Juliana I-" 

       "Juliana!" Ashton's voice rang. She ran towards him and he embraced her into a hug. She was crying onto his chest while he whispered into her ear trying to soothe her. 

   I couldn't help myself but to feel jealous. Why can't I be the one to comfort her through the good and bad times? Why is it always about that stupid Ash. I walked past them and went back into the cafeteria. 

     I grabbed my stuff and Louis smirked at me. I flipped him off and left the school and headed home. 


       Once I got home I yelled at my guards to get out my house. Some stood there looking at me, "I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. 

     The all scurried out my house and I started throwing things around and broke the mirror shattering it to pieces. "FUCK! FUCK THIS FUCKING CUP! FUCK THIS COUCH! FUCK THAT TABLE! FUCK LIFE! FUCK MYSELF! FUCK STUPID ASS JULIANA!" I yelled over and over throwing everything within my reach around the house. 

      I stormed into the kitchen chugging down all the alcohol I found in my cabinets. "Why does everyone screw shit up for me? Why did I have to fall in love with Juliana?" I whispered to myself looking down at my bloody hands. 

     I walked up stairs into my room and slammed it shut. Anger boiled up in my body again and I threw everything around. I threw myself on my bed breathing heavily. "Why'd you have to make me fall in love with you Juliana?" I whispered and shut my eyelids falling asleep.


             Juliana's Pov;

    "C'mon lets get out of here." Ash whispered into my ear. I nodded my head and whipped my tears away. We walked out the school and walked towards my car. I handed Ashton my keys and got in the drivers seat. 

       "I- i can't believe I just cried.." I whispered slowly looking down at my hands. I felt my eyes become watery once again. 

    "It's okay Juliana, it happens to everyone once in a while." Ashton said.

       The tears ran down my face , one after another. I covered my face with my hands and lifted my knees and hugged them. I started sobbing and I couldn't control my emotions.

    "Why am I crying so much," I said sobbing , "why is it hurting me.. it-its hurting me so m-much." I whelped.

    Ashton hugged me tightly, "It's gunna be fine Juliana. Cry it out. You've held in those tears for so many years and its fine to finally release them." Ashton said

     I nodded my head, "Can you just drive me home? I really want to be alone right now." I said above a whisper. 

      "Sure thing." Ashton said and started the car. I looked out the window allowing the tears to flow as we drove towards the woods. 

      "Juliana when you said it was hurting, what exactly did you mean?" Ashton asked me nervously. 

     I took a deep breath, "I-i dont know. I just i feel lonely." I whispered.

      "Maybe you feel lonely because you intend to block your friends and family out and dont tell us what's really going on. You have to stop being so independent and stubborn. We're here for you and we'll always be her no matter what." Ashton said. 

     I didn't know what to tell Ashton, I mean I guess he's right but I just don't wanna talk about it for now. Maybe later. 

     "When im ready I'll tell you guys." I said.

   Ashton nodded his head and pulled up to my house. "Thanks. Take my car to get back to school. I wouldn't be needing it." I said softly.

     "But what if you decide to go somewhere?" Ashton asked me

   "Harry's cars here and he's probably home. Dont worry about me." I said. 

    I got out of the car and walked up the house and I turned around.

     "Hey Ashton?" I asked

   "Yea?" He asked popping his head out the window. I bit my lip

     "Thanks for understanding. And don't tell the guys about this whole situation." I said

  Ashton smiled, "You have my word."

    I unlocked the door and stepped inside. I bit my lip and slid down the door. I couldn't hold it any longer and the tears slipped down my face once again. I sat there for minutes just crying and crying. 

       I picked myself up and walked up the stairs and into my room. I looked around and Harry wasn't in there. I laid down on my bed and felt the warm tears on my face. I lifted my arm up and looked closely at it. 

     Seeing the scars made me shiver and memories attacked my mind. I shuttered and quickly thought of other things besides that one night where my world turned upside down. 

    I pulled out my phone and dialed Harry's number. It went straight to voice mail. I texted him as well and waited for a reply and didn't receive anything. Wait his cars here, but he's not here. 

     I stood up and jogged down the stairs. I looked at the table and his keys were there. I grabbed them and ran out the door. Something doesn't seem right. 

       I got in his car quickly turning it on and sped through the streets. A couple of tears ran down my face and I whipped them away quickly and continued to his house.  I kept thinking of the bad things that could've happened to Harry. 

    What if Jermiah got him? I hope Harry's fine. I pressed the gas faster as I bolted down the woods and turned right and stopped the car. I opened the door and ran out to his house. 

      There was an ambulance and police just outside. I ran and one of the officers got a hold of my arm and yanked me away.

    "GET OFF OF ME!" I shrieked. The man let go due to my sudden outrage and I stormed into Harry's house. 

    I gasped as I entered his livingroom. Glass was shattered everywhere. I felt the tears well up again in my eyes and slipped down my cheek. 

   "Ma'am you can't be here." Another officer said.

    "Where is he?" I asked frantically looking around.

 "You know him ma'am?" The officer asked. 

     I nodded my head not sure what to say.

  "Come here ma'am. I'll take you to him." He spoke calmly and walked me outside towards the ambulance.

     Seeing him made me burst into tears. His hands were all bloody and he was pale.

    "He's losing a lot of blood Doc., he needs to be treated at the hospital right away." One of the paramedics spoke.

      "Im coming." I said climbing inside. 

  I sat next to Harry and took a hold of his hand. It was colder than usual. I cried as I held his hand tightly.

    "Your gunna be okay Harry." I whispered and I kissed his forehead.

                                "This is all your fault." i cringe at the voice in my head.










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