Don't Be Too Surprised Styles .

"Oh please. Dont make me laugh. You actually thought I wanted you? Your such a fool Styles. But your more than welcome to swing by anytime you want some action."


7. s e v e n

                  Juliana's Pov;

    We ran into the hospital pushing Harry on the gurney. "Male, 17, severe cuts on his hands, and arms. Lost a lot of blood maybe about a pint of two, skin paler than usual." One of the doctors explained to the doctor next to her writing everything down. 

     I had finally had the courage to speak, "Will he be okay?" I asked with a gulp.

   "Ma'am we can't tell just yet. Take him to room 207 for surgery." The doctor said.

     They hauled him into the room and I ran after them.

   The doctor pulled me aside and sat me down on one of the chairs.

     "What?" I asked her.

  "Sweetie I need you to answer some question." The doctor said.

     I nodded my head allowing her to go on.

       "Do you know this young man? Are you a relative of his?" She asked.

   "Yes I know him his name is Harry, erm Harry Styles, and no Im not a relative im his friend." I said looking her in the eye.

     "Do you know what happened to Harry?" She asked me.

   "No I left school because I was upset and I got home and he wasn't there and I saw his car parked in my driveway and I found his keys. I got scared cause he never leaves the house walking so I drove quickly to his house." I spoke softly.

    "Does Harry live with you?" She asked me.

     "N-no he just spends couple of nights at my house." I said.

      The doctor nodded her head and scribbled on her clipboard.

  "Alright that's all I needed to know. Your gunna have to wait out here until Harry is out of surgery." She said

     I nodded my head, "When will he be out?" I asked her.

     "Approximately an hour or so." She said and walked off.

     I slouched in my chair and threw my hand back. "This is gunna take a while." I whispered.

  I pulled out my phone and looked at myself in my camera. I whipped away the dried tears and black smudges until I looked decent.

       I scrolled through my contacts and rang Ashton. After the 3rd ring he answered.

     "Hello?" He asked.

  I bit my lip, "Ashton, can you come to the hospital?" I asked

      "Are you okay?! What happened?" He asked me

    "Im fine. Its Harry." I said.

     "I'll be there." He said and quickly hung up.

        I sat straight and looked down at my shoes. If I just let him comfort me instead of saying that he wouldn't be in this situation. I looked up and everyone in the waiting room were looking at me in disgust and fear. Kids looked away when my gaze fell on them, mothers whispered things to the fathers.

    I didn't have time for this so I lifted my hand up high in the air and flipped them all off.

        "Suck my fucking dick bitches!" I yelled and stood up walking away. I looked back over my shoulder and gave them a nice big smirk and sat down on the chair next to the elevator.

        They looked away and either looked down t their magazine, phone , or children and I smirked.

      "Juliana?" I heard.

   I turned my head where all the gasps came from and I saw Ashton jogging. I stood up and ran towards him engulfing him with a hug. He grabbed my tightly from the head and pulled me away from his chest so he can look me in the eye.

     "Is he okay?" He asked me.

     "Im not sure, he's still in surgery." I said.

       I heard more footsteps and panting.

      "Was it really necessary to run all the way here? I feel like I just ran in a marathon."  Louis remarked 

       I ran up to him and hugged him tightly which took him off surprise since I never hugged any of the boys before. "Im so sorry Lou! You were right, I shouldn't of had touched you I was just caught up in the moment I didn't realize I was hurting you. Your family. We're all family including Harry no matter what he did." I said

     Louis stood there quietly not hugging me back. I pulled away and looked at the ground. 

      "It's okay. Im sorry you were doing it to protect Harry. He's apart of the family. No on will hurt him nor ourselves." Louis said and hugged me making me smile.

        I hugged the rest of the guys and hugged Amelia lastly. She had tears streaming down her face and I hugged her tightly.

    "What happened?" She asked me sobbing.

      "I don't know sweetie, but we'll find out once hes out." I said.

   Niall picked her up and sat her down on his lap rocking her and whispering in her ear.

    Lou, Zayn, Ashton, and Liam looked at me and we walked a bit further from Amelia and Niall.

     "What actually happened Juliana?" Zayn asked me.

      I shrugged looking down, "I only know something but I'll end up feeling guilty about it." I said

      "It's okay, we're here. We won't judge you just tell us." Liam said.

   I sigh and took a deep breath, "After what happened in the cafeteria I ran into the basement and locked myself in the janitors closet and cried." I spoke.

     Louis looked at me sadly, "When I had enough of crying I walked out back into the halls and Harry seen me and I looked away not wanting him to see me cry and he walked closer to me opening his arms out and I shook my head no. He said he wouldn't hurt me that he just wanted to comfort me. We looked at each other and he kissed me and I kissed him back. When I realized what I did i pushed him away and backed up." I said.

     I touched my lips, still able to feel his warm lips against mine, "An- and he told me how he felt that he liked me and I told him did he actually think I liked him and that he's a fool but he can come to me hen he wants sex." I whispered.

       "And he just said i hope you die." I cried.

     "He saw that I was hurt that he said that and I cried and he tried apologizing but I didn't let him and that's when Ashton came and I ran to him and cried." I said crying harder now.


        I cried and Niall came up to her and pulled her away. "I'll take her to my house." He said as she cried and kicked him.

    "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" She yelled as they walked out the hospital.

     I slid down the wall and covered my face and cried, "its all my fault." I whispered.

     "hey it's not your fault. It's okay Juliana. Amelia just said that cause she's hurt she didn't hear the rest of the story." Zayn said kneeling down in front of me. 

    He lifted my chin and whipped away my tears with his thumb.

      "It's okay love." He said and picked me up. I stood up and Zayn wrapped his arm around my waist for support and we sat down on the chair.

      He rubbed my shoulders and a Doctor walked out, "For Harry Styles?" He asked looking around the room. 

      I quickly shot up from my seat, "Yes?" I asked him

   "Mr.Styles just came out of surgery and is in room 222 if you care to see him." He spoke.

      I nodded my head, "Come this way." He said.

      The rest of the guys stood up and we followed the doctor to Harry's room.

      "In here." He said opening the door allowing us to enter.

        "I'll be back with the paper work and you can take Harry home." He said leaving the room.

    I looked at Harry and he looked away. I felt awful. "Hi Harry." I said above a whisper.

     He looked up at me, "Are you talking to me?" He asked me with a glare.

       I gulped, "Well just wait outside." Liam said calmly and they all walked out the door closing it.

       I walked towards Harry, "im really sorry about earlier I wasn't thinking and I didnt mean what I said." I spoke

      "Im just stubborn and I-" I stopped talking and whipped my tears again.

        "Im sorry I didn't mean to cry. I should just go." I said standing up. 

    "Wait." Harry called out reaching my hand, "Stay." He said

     I sat back down and looked at Harry's green eyes as he starred into my blue ones.

        "Its fine Juliana. It wasn't your fault it was mines for being stupid and getting carried away." He whispered pulling my face towards his.

     "Im still sorry.." I whispered and kissed him.  

       A knock startled us and made us pull apart, "Come in." I said.

   The doctor from earlier came in along with the boys. 

      "Can you two sign this? This explains that Harry has to be well rested, fed and so on. It indicates that he's spending the night at your house. Here are some antibiotics as well and your free to go." The doctor said talking to the both of us.

      We quickly signed the paper and took the antibiotics, "Thanks Doc." I said with a smile.

  The doctor nodded his head, "No problem, but if his hand starts to swell up or hes fainting and so on just bring him back in." He said.

      "Will do." I said standing up and giving the Doctor a hug.

   "Hope you feel better Harry." He said shaking his hand.

         The doctor walked out the room and we all looked at Harry, "We'll wait for you outside as you change." I said getting up and shooing the boys out.

   "Can you stay and help me Juliana?" He asked me.

     I looked at him and nodded my head "Uhm yea of course." I said

   The guys looked at me and smirked. Ashton shot me a big grin along with a wink and I smacked his forehead.

     They left the room and I helped Harry up. He stood up and walked around the room a bit gaining his balance. I got his clothes that were placed on the counter and handed him his jeans. 

         "Here's your jeans." I said handing them to him.

   "Thanks." He said and sat down putting them on.

    I threw him his shirt and he chuckled. He slipped on his converse and I walked to his side making sure he wont fall. I grabbed the antibiotics and release paper and we walked out the door.

     "Ready?" Ash asked.

    "Yea." I said. The boys walked ahead of us since we were taking our time.

     Harry intertwined our fingers together and smiled at me showing his dimple. I pocked it and we walked out the exit. 

     "C'mon slow pokes!" Liam yelled with a chuckle.

  We rushed to the car and we all climbed inside my car.

     "Did you guys all come in my car?" I asked them

   "Yea, we left ours at your house. Oh and we brought back Harry's car." Zayn said starting the car and pulling out.

      Harry's eyes widened at the mention of his car, "What were you guys doing in my car!" He shrieked causing us all to chuckle.

    "I had it. I drove to your house in it cause I lend mines to Ash. And I left it there when I went inside the ambulance with you." I said.

     "Wait you went to my house?" Harry asked me.

    "Yea, once I noticed you wern't home. I got scared because you don't normally leave the house without your car so I sped to your house and officers were outside." I said.


    "Relax. If they knew we were the ones that murdered those people don't you think they'd find us now? For crying out loud we go to a public school." I said

    The boys mumbled true and Zayn stopped the car in front of my house. We all climbed out and practically ran inside the house because it started raining out of nowhere.

      We threw ourselves on the floor and chuckled, then it got quiet and the boys faces turned all serious.

        "Lets play truth or dare." Louis said.

  Oh boy here we go again...












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