Don't Be Too Surprised Styles .

"Oh please. Dont make me laugh. You actually thought I wanted you? Your such a fool Styles. But your more than welcome to swing by anytime you want some action."


1. o n e

                Juliana's Pov ;

     "Did you bring the money?" Danny my boss asked me as I entered the abandoned warehouse. 

        "That prick didn't pay me everything. This is all I got. I warned him very carefully. Told him I'd come back tomorrow after school to pick up the 5 grand left." I said throwing the envelope onto his desk.

       Danny opened up the envelope carefully counting up the money.He looked up at me with a smirk. He stretched his legs on top of his desk with his arms behind his head.

    "I'd love to hear what you did to him Juliana." Danny said with a smirk on his face. 

          My face broke into a huge grin. "Well-" I started. 

       "I kicked him plenty of times where the sun doesn't shine, he ended up slapping me and lets just say he shouldn't have done that cause after I left he was lying on the floor unconscious." I said with a smirk.

    Danny let out a chuckle. Looked at me and rested his hands against his desk. 

        "Juliana, your the only girl here and you always surprise me the most. Here. Now get outta here kiddo." Danny said splitting the money and handing it to me. 

           "Alright see ya Danny." I said taking the money and walking out of his office. 

        "So? What happened?" My best mate Ashton asked me as I closed the door. 

        "Was he mad?" Ashton asked. 

       "Nope, he was completely chill about it. But im picking up the rest of the money tomorrow." I said opening the big doors and stepping out into the cold streets of London. 

         "I swear I should be a girl. He always lets you go without hurting you." He said scratching the back of his head. 

    I let out a chuckle, "You and I both know very well why he wont land a finger on me. Every since last year he punched me I didn't let him off the hook so easily. Left him in a coma for 2 months. He knows very well not to push it." I said.

     "Need a ride Ash?" I asked him. 

        "Mind if I crash at your place and we head to school together the next morning?" He asked. 

       "Hey fine by me. Your welcomed there anytime Ash." I said ruffling his hair. 

      I took out my keys from my jacket and unlocked my Range Rover. 

     I climbed inside with Ash getting in the passengers seat. I put the key in the ignition and placed my Nirvana CD inside the player. 

    I backed out of the warehouse and made my way to my flat. "When will the boys come back?" I asked Ashton as I came to a red light.

     "Well they said not until mid August. Cops still lurking around." He said looking out the window. 

    "Juliana?" He asked

    "Yeah?" I asked 

    "Do you think they know about us?" He asked nervously. I looked out the window unsure how to answer his question. 

            "I mean we did kill people, and robbed. Don't you think they're out looking for us too?" He asked as I started driving again.

      " To be honest i dont know Ashton. We just have to keep it down and watch for one another. We're perfectly fine Ash. Dont worry about anything." I said reassuring him. 

      I pulled up into my driveway and we got out. I unlocked the door to my flat and we stepped in.

      I took my jacket off and hanged it near the door along with Ashtons coat. 

   "Beer?" I asked him walking into the kitchen. 

    "I'd love one." He said with a smirk. 

       I opened the fridge and took one out for him and for myself. I handed it to him and we sat down down sipping our beers. 

       "Wonder how schools gunna be tomorrow." Ash said. I let out a chuckle. 

    "Its gunna be the usual." I said 

   "You didn't hear?" He asked me raising his eyebrows.

      "Hear what exactly?" I asked getting curious. 

   "Cops are coming to check our lockers. Someone ratted us out about having weapons. Didnt you get my text? I texted you to clean out your locker." He responded. 

    "What the fuck! No I didn't get any text!" I yelled standing up. 

    "I messaged you. Its too late to go out now. We'll figure it out tomorrow." He said sitting me back down. 

    "Whatever. Im heading to bed." I groaned. I stood up taking a long swig of my beer and throwing it into the trash. 

      "Yea it late lets knock out." He said copying me.

         We walked up the stairs and went into my room. I grabbed my pajamas and walked into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, removed my makeup and changed into my clothes. 

  Once I finished I walked out and saw Ashton sound asleep already. I let out a chuckle and layed down beside him. 

      "Night Ashton." I whispered while slowly drifting to sleep. 

















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