Don't Be Too Surprised Styles .

"Oh please. Dont make me laugh. You actually thought I wanted you? Your such a fool Styles. But your more than welcome to swing by anytime you want some action."


4. f o u r

          Juliana's Pov;

    "C'mon pull the trigger Nick I dare you." I whispered.

      Nick looked at me uneasily and I sigh getting annoyed. I looked at him and grin and snatched the rifle from his hands. I gave Harry the rifle and walked around his house. 

    "Do you know why im here Nick?" I asked looking out his window. 

  "Y-yes ma'am." He responded stuttering. 

    I looked at him grinning from ear to ear. 

     "Where's my 5 grand?" I questioned him.

     He put his head down and Harry brought his face back up using the rifle. Fear washing all over Nick's face. 

    "I- I dont have it yet." he stuttered. 

       I looked at him giving him a glare. I brought my hand up in the air ready to hit when I heard a womens voice coming from up stairs. 

       "Dad? Who is it?" The voice said along with footsteps coming down. I smiled and snapped my head towards the stairs. 

    "Amelia stay up there sweetie." Nick said sweating. 

     "No, Amelia come down here it's your Aunt and Uncle wanting to see you." I replied looking at Harry. 

     "Put the gun behind the curtains." I whispered. 

  Harry did as told and stood next to me. Amelia came down the stairs looking at us puzzeled. 

       "Dad you told me I never had an Aunt or Uncle." She said looking at us. 

    "Well your dad lied sweetie. Im your Aunt Juliana and this is your Uncle Harry." I said hugging her. 

    She smiled returning our hugs and she pulled back, "Aren't you guys a little too young to be my Aunt and Uncle? You guys look around my age." She explained. 

       I nudged Harry's shoulder. "Erm yea we look young but that's because we got engaged at such a young age. We're madly in love." Harry said kissing my cheek.

    I shot him a quick glare and smiled at Amelia. 

      "Your dad here has work to take care of so he asked us to pick you up and take you home with us for a while." I said

    Nick looked frightened and he opened his mouth to say something but I gave him a death glare and he shut up. 

     "Oh okay. I just wished he would've told me earlier that way I was ready to pack up." She said looking at Nick. 

     "Well you go on and pack your clothes and other items  you need and we'll wait for you right here."  Harry explained. 

    "Okay." She said and ran up the stairs. 

   Nick looked at us in disgust. 

    "What the hell is your problem!? That's my daughter she has nothing to do about this!" He yelled. 

     I smirked, "Relax, she'll be in good hands. You'll get her back once I get my money." I said crossing my arms. 

    "How the hell do you expect me to get all that money?" He asked. 

     "Work." I said simply.

     "Fine, but please don't hurt her. She's all I got, her mother passed away." Nick said pleading

       "I won't hurt her Nick, but if I don't get my money in 2 months then I will hurt her." I said 

     Nick nodded his head and Amelia came down the stairs with her suitcases. Me and Harry both smiled at her and Harry walked up to her and took her suitcases. 

         "Well we'll leave you too alone to say your goodbyes while your Aunt and I start the car and put your belongings in the trunk."  Harry said walking out the door with me. 

      Once we were outside I punched him in the shoulder. "What the fuck was that all about? We were supposed to pretend to be a couple and you kissed my cheek! That wasn't according to plan!" I yelled rubbing my cheek where his lips were at.

    He chuckled, "Relax, you know you loved it." He said with a wink and opened the trunk throwing the suitcases inside. 

       I looked at him in disgust and plopped myself in the seat. He sat in the drivers seat and started the car. 

     "Why are you even acting like this?" I asked him

    Harry raised him eyebrows, "What do you mean by that?" He asked me.

   I sighed, "I mean like why were you scared a minute and the next your all cheesy and bitchy?" I asked 

      He looked at me intensely. "I don't know that's just how I am." He responded.

      "Right." I said.

   "Look ima tell you tell you this once so pay attention." I said looking at him. 

      "Shoot" He said looking me in the eye. 

   "Since we're "a couple" in Amelia's eyes me and my friends can't be in your fucking basement! You have to let us out and lets us go home!" I exclaimed.  

    Harry looked at me dumb folded. Im guessing that never crossed him mind. 

     "Fine , but your friends stay in my house. And I stay in your. They'll still go to school but my guards will pick them up and take them straight to my house. But im gunna have to pick up some of my clothes from my house." He said.

      "We don't have time for that. You can just wear Ashton's clothes. My closet is filled with his clothes from all our sleep overs." I said

      Harry nodded his head and looked out the window as Amelia came out the door and was walking towards the car. 

    "Remember we're a couple. So don't be a bitch about me touching you or kissing you cause it's gunna happen." Harry said. 

      I groaned and slouched into my seat. "Fine." I mumbled as Amelia got inside the car. 

     "Nice car Uncle Harry." She said. 

   Harry flashed her a smile, "Oh please call me Harry and thank you." He said as he drove off.

    "So Amelia, how old are you? It feels like ages since I last seen you." I explained looking at her through the mirror. 

       "14, I just started freshmen year." She replied. 

   "Wow you sure did get bigger." I said

       She nodded her head, "How old are you Juliana?" She asked me.

    "Erm 17 , same as Harry." I said

   She looked at us shocked, "Wow how long have you two been dating?" She asked amused. 

     "4 years-" , "5 and a half years." Harry and I both said at the same time. 

 We looked at each other and Amelia looked at us weirdly. "Uhm we've been together for almost 6 years." Harry said smiling at me.

    I shot him a glare and quickly replaced it with a smile and nodded my head. 

      "Here we are." Harry said pulling into my driveway. We all got out of the car and Harry took out Amelia's suitcases. I walked up my porch and lifted the mate revealing my second key since Harry probably has mine in his house and unlocked the door. 

     I walked in first with them right behind me. "You hungry Amelia?" I asked

      "Yea , Im actually quite really hungry." She said. 

    "Well you sit here make yourself at him, watch tv. While we prepare dinner." Harry said. 

   She nodded her head and we walked into the kitchen. "Here." Harry said. 

     He handed me my phone and keys to the house along with my car keys.

       "Thanks." I mumbled. 

      Harry starting digging through my cabinets taking out majority of items. 

     "Wow Juliana. Your kitchen is packed with everything! You have so much food and items!" He said astonished. 

     I let out a chuckle. "Go crazy." I said patting his back. 

     I realized what I just said and did and quickly took steps away from him. He looked at me confused. 

          "Im gunna show Amelia her room and change real quick." I said walking out the kitchen not letting him respond. 

    "Hey Amelia, Im gunna show you your room so you can unpack your stuff." I said picking up her suitcase. 

       "Okay." She said standing up and following me upstairs. 

      "This is mines and Harry's room, if you ever need anything just knock on the door." I said pointing towards my room. 

      We walked down the hall and I opened the very last door. "This here , is your room. Tomorrow we'll go by the stores and buy items to decorate it however you please." I said walking in and placing her suitcases on the bed. 

       "Thank you." Amelia said smiling. 

    "No problem , there's your closet and your bathroom." I said pointing them out. 

      "Sweet ! I've never had a room with a bathroom in it." She explained.

     I chuckled, "Well now you have one. I'll be in my room taking a shower." I said

    "Alright and thank you again Juliana." Amelia said with a warming smile. 

      "No problem." I said walking out her door and closing the door lightly. 


     I rolled my eyes, "How long do I have to keep this up." I whispered. 

   I walked into my room and grabbed my black onesie along with my undergarments and walked into my bathroom. I turned the water on and locked the door. I took a look in the mirro and my face was pale and I had no makeup on due to it smudging away. 

     I stripped off my clothes and touched the water. It was nice and warm so I hopped in. I relaxed my muscles with the warm water and started washing my hair. I did what every girl usually does in the shower. I shaved, put shampoo and conditioner and cleaned my body. 

      Once I finished I turned the water off and walked out the shower. I wrapped my body with my towel and dried myself up. When I was completely dried I put my undergarments on and put on my onsie. I gathered my clothes and my towel and opened the door and threw my dirty clothes into the hamper.

     I opened the door and made my way downstairs smelling spaghetti. I went into the kitchen and saw Harry and Amelia already eating. I sat next to Harry where my plate had been placed and started digging in. 

     We all ate in peace which was relaxing. Once we all finished I grabbed everyone's plates and cups and placed them in the dishwasher and turned it on. 

    "Well it's pretty late. We should all head to bed now." Harry said yawning.

   We nodded our heads and retreated up the stairs. 

     "Night Amelia." Harry said hugging her and kissing her forehead. 

    "Good night Harry." She said hugging him back. 

  "Good night Juliana." She said embracing me into a hug. I hugged back and smiled.

    "Night Amelia." I said 

     She walked towards her room and I walked into mines with Harry besides me. 

  I pretended to gag and mocked her, "Good night Harry." I said

   Harry looked at me shaking his head. "Anyways what do I sleep in?" He asked

     I pointed towards the closet and he walked over to it. 

      "How many times has Ash slept here? He has his whole entire closet!" Harry exclaimed

   "He practically lives here." I said with a chuckle. I plugged my phone into it's charger, turned the lamp off and laid down in bed pulling the blankets over my body. 

    I felt someones presence lay next to me. I quickly shot up and turned the lamp light on

   "What the hell do you think your doing?!" I whispered yelled at Harry. 

     "Uhm sleeping?" He said more as a question. 

     "There's no way in bloody hell your sleeping next to me in my bed." I said. 

    "Where the hell do you expect me to sleep?!" He yelled above a whisper. 

  "On the floor." I said crossing my arms. 

      "Are you serious? You've got to be kidding me." He said standing up taking some of my blankets with him and placing them on the floor. 

     "Yes." I said

   I layed back down and turned the lamp off. 

    "Good night Juliana." I heard Harry say. 

    "I hate you." I spat and let sleepiness take over me.



















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